Venetia Question

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  1. Do the new venetias have suede or fabric interiors? And did they up the price?
  2. nevermind, referred to price/info of S/S 07 bags/wallets
  3. ^ SOFT CALF CLASSIC Venetia has suede lining (for the past few years). Those released from Resort 2006 onwards are $1025USD (from F/W 06's $995USD).
  4. this is completely unrelated, but did the Venetia ever come in red? i really want a red bag, and i've suddenly fallen in love with the Venetia :love:
  5. ^ Yes. =)

    Soft Calf Classic: Brick Red, Burgundy, Ferrari Red, Pomengranate, Tomato, Wine, ...

    Quilted: Bordeaux
  6. Just to give you an eye candy, here's the Pomegranate I recently sold from Spring '04 season. It's a burnt red color w/no orange nor brown undertone. :yes:
  7. :love: :love: :love: :love: :love:
  8. BL, you are so good with MJ knowledge. Since red venetias were brought up, could you describe the tomato color? any undertones? I haven't seen it IRL, and I know that pics can change depending on monitors.... I really value your descriptions! (I am still trying to select a color for my first venetia!)
  9. ^ Emmy posted pictures of her Tomato Blake recently:

  10. ^ Thank you so much for digging that up for me. Sadly I dont' think tomato will be the color. ugg! this is so hard!
  11. This is a great color, I had the Pomegranate and the Tomato, decided to sell the Pomegranate on e-bay last year, it was in brand new condition. E-bay or Saks Off 5th, NM Last Call would be your best bets. I loved that color, however, I had a tote in the Barn Red, so decided that the Venetia was the one to go--too many reds. Good luck with your search!! :smile: