Venetia Question

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    Does anyone know of the top of their head what season the Venetia was that has cloth not suede lining, with the made in italy sewn in??? :confused1: i just bought one on eBay and was curious to know what year the bag is.

    Thanks for your help!;)
  2. Resort 2003. What color is yours?
    If it's Pomegranate, then it might be 2004.
  3. thank you bag.lover!
  4. I take it back. The lining material was changed from suede to fabric to suede again, lining alone does not give the year/season of your Venetia.
  5. I have a Venetia with cloth was a few years ago that I purchased it...maybe 2004?
  6. I have all the 2004 colors for Venetia (from MJ boutique's lookbook), they are lined with suede (unless I overlook some of them). Unless the color is some exclusive release like Pomegranate, fabric lined bags should be Resort 2003 or before. Before switching to fabric lining, bags were lined with suede before that as well. I don't know how many times these were done. =)