Venetia Question

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  1. Hi everyone!
    Just wondering if some of the newer Venetia bags have only a flap/pouch interior pocket (saw at Bloomingdales) with no interior zippered pocket, or do they all have an interior zippered pocket? Thanks in advance
  2. Thanks thithi. Glad to know to there are several variations. I have a Venetia whiskey and it has the flap pouch with an open pouch behind it, but no zippered pouch. I purchased it last week on ebay, no other red flags concerning its authenticity other than it has no zippered pouch. It looks the same as a Venetia I saw recently at Bloomindales. I think my arm will be sore for a few days due to the weight and the added weight of my new zc!!!:yes:
  3. ^ Congrats to you! Isn't the sore arm worth it??:P
  4. There are definitely variations. I have a gold venetia that has no zipper pocket inside, just the flap pocket, but my (older) black venetia does have the zipper pocket inside as well as the flap. So don't fret about that!
  5. Hi everyone,
    I just recently purchased my MJ Venetia Olive-Brown and it has snap-flap pouch with an open pouch behind it like Sandpiper's. Got mine from eBay as well. It does have weight to it but oh-my-gosh, sooo worth it!! It's just gorgeous! Well worth the money. I will never own cheap made bags again.
  6. Feel so much better:yahoo: . Was going to take it to get authenticated, as the seller encouraged me to (she had it done at mj boutique in nyc), but I'm confident now it is authentic. It was really hard to put away my sap green Sophia!
  7. You can read the discussions on this issue in this thread. =)
    My Fall 04's SOFT CALF Venetia (Maroon, suede lining) has both pouch pocket (back wall) and zippered pocket (front wall). My Fall 05's QUILTED ICY Bordeaux Venetia (Bordeaux; suede lining) has the zippered compartment (back wall) only.