Venetia question

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    I've had my Venetia since May and the leather is peeling off the handles. Has anyone else had this problem??? I really love my bag and I'm so sad to see this happening.:sad:


  2. Uhoh! that's not good! I'm scared now b/c i just bought a black venetia. What color is yours? is it possible they had a bad run of them? Also, did you purchase it from a department store? if you did, they should do something about it, regardless of the time frame that has gone by, it should NOT do that!
  3. my Venetia is Spearement and I bought it at Nordstrom when I used to work there, so I am hoping that someone there can do something for me. good luck with your Venetia! where did you get yours, I am looking for a black one.
  4. Uh oh ... sorry to hear that, Kelly. Venetias are not supposed to do that. I've had mine for years and there is no peeling anywhere. In fact, the leather on my MJ bags have held up better than alot of my other bags. Like squishydreams said, maybe it's a bad batch?? I hope Nordstrom can do something for you. Otherwise, you may want to call a Marc Jacobs boutique and see what they can do. Good luck!
  5. Kelly, I had a tapioca venetia. The leather at the top of the handles began to crack and peel. I think it was from too much use and putting too much into the bag. I hope that Nordies will be able to do something for you.

  6. Hi Kelly!

    I bought mine here in canada, but they have the black with silver hardware venetia at the King of Prussia store in Pennsylvania. also, nordies is awesome. they told me that if anything happened within a year, they would return it. just return it and give them your receipt!

    I'm still hesitant on my venetia. I'm not sure if i should keep it. Do you love it? is it a pain in the butt to use?

    Let me know how it goes at nordstrom