Venetia Owners - help!

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  1. Does your Venetia have a POUCH pocket inside?
    If possible, please provide some info on yours. TIA. =)

    Quilted or Non-Quilted:
    Lining Color/Material:
    Purchased from:
  2. Mine only comes with the zipper pocket (see attached picture saved from original listing). All the ones I have seen have POUCH pockets, but I never doubt the authenticity of mine since it's from Leshent. Please assure me that I'm not wrong for assuming that this specific detail varies from time to time.

    Color: Bordeaux
    Quilted or Non-Quilted: Quilted Icey Leather
    Lining Color/Material: Suede
    Purchased from: Leshent (Barney's NY tag still attached)
    When: This combination's from 2005?

    Attached Files:

  3. :shrugs: :shrugs:
  4. Mine has an inner pouch pocket

    Color: Cherry Blossom
    Quilted or Non-Quilted: Non
    Lining Color/Material: light pink suede
    Purchased from: Cat in the first MP
    When? Since it was in the first MP, sometime in March06? I would guess it was purchased a few months before that?
  5. Mine has an inner pouch and zipper pocket.

    Color: Black
    Quilted or Non-Quilted: Non-Quilted
    Lining Color/Material: Linen/Canvas
    Purchased from: Neiman Marcus
    When? Fall 2004 (I think)
  6. bag.lover, can you send additional pics of your new bag?
  7. Are you questioning it's authenticity? If so, have you called Marc Jacobs to ask about whether the Quilted Venetias have that pouch? I know that they can be snooty sometimes, but praying that someone is nice.
  8. I didn't question its authenticity, but I feel a bit weird that all the ones I have seen have pouches. =( I'm just curious, but I will be sooo sad if it's indeed fake.... I'll call a MJ store later today...
  9. Color: Spearment with silver hardware :heart:
    Quilted or Non-Quilted: Non
    Lining Color/Material: yellow suede
    Purchased from: Japster via MP
    When? Week ago?

    Mine has a pouch pocket and a zipper one
  10. Mine has a inner pouch & a zippered pocket.

    Quilted or Non-Quilted:non quilted
    Lining Color/Material:red/orange suede
    Purchased from:Marc Jacobs employee sale
  11. Thanks everyone, please keeping them coming.
    I'm worried now... =(
  12. I no longer have my Venetia, but it was Soft Yellow, non quilted with orange suede. It did have a pouch pocket.

    Your purse is gorgeous. Please keep us updated on what you find out on the pouch pocket. I do not know anyone who has a quilted venetia.
  13. Mine has an inner pouch (back wall of bag) and an inner zipped compartment (front wall of bag).

    Color: Silver Metallic
    Quilted or Non-Quilted: Non
    Lining Color/Material: Blue Suede
    Purchased from:
    When? about two years ago
  14. I spoke to the manager of an out-of-state MJ boutique, unfortunately, he didn't seem to know Venetia too well (he had to check whether this season's Venetia has a pouch). When I asked him about mine (with BNY tag) not having a pouch, he said some items made exclusively for a certain retailer sometimes have different details. I still have hope right?

    He said that I could ask BNY for an exchange, however, this version of Quilted Venetia (Icy leather, suede lining, antiqued hardware) is from Fall 2005 so most retailers don't have any in stock. He said that MJ boutique couldn't help since this item's from BNY. I will contact a MJ SA who's been helping me, hopefully, she knows Venetia by heart (pouch vs no pouch). In addition, I need to confirm with BNY about the store tag.

    I saw 2 Black Icy Venetia a few months ago at Nordstrom SCP, they both have pouches. This detail wasn't an issue for me when I received the bag, I just assumed that it's real (just like buying bags from big department stores/boutiques). If it's fake, it must be a very good one. I'm hoping that it's real...

    Thanks everyone.....Please keep posting. =)