Venetia owners! Ferrari lovers! I have questions for you...

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  1. Hi all! ;)

    I am pretty new to MJ (though I happen to admire MJ himself a lot) and have been considering some different MJ bags. I am leaning towards the Venetia style, and most likely in some sort of red (my favorite color), but I have a few questions. I would very much appreciate your expert opinions. :biggrin:

    - The Venetia's shoulder drop seems pretty short, and all of the mod pics here show people wearing it on their am I right to assume that it's a hand-carry only bag? (This is key for me - I love the way they look, but "true" satchels don't work with my lifestyle).

    - What are the advantages and disadvantages to the Venetia style otherwise? Is the calf leather durable? Where does it tend to show wear, if any, first?

    - And for anyone who owns a bag in Ferrari red: is it an orange-red? I can't really tell from the would you describe it?

    Thanks so much!!! :smile:
  2. Unless you have super spindly arms, Venetias work best on the arm or in the hand. I used to own one, but I had to sell it. It's so beautiful -- definitely one of my favorite styles -- but it just didn't work for me because it was so incredibly bulky (really wide and deep). Soft calf leather is extremely durable. If you look at most of the used Venetias on eBay, you'll notice that the vast majority of them have corner wear. I think it's because of the style, but keep in mind it's also because most handbag users aren't terribly gentle with their bags. :P Ferrari red is a true red. I don't think it's very orangey at all.
  3. Thanks, blackonmaroon!!

    This is very helpful. :smile:
  4. You're welcome! :flowers:
  5. i had a venetia (or two) in the past, and they are one of my favorite classic mj styles, but it just didn't work for me. it is pretty heavy and i carry around A LOT of stuff, so that made it worse. i need a shoulder bag most of the time (exception is the super light LV speedy) so the venetia just didn't work out :sad:
  6. i just gave my mother her first venetia and she's head over heels in love. she thinks it's the best bag ever. she's very petite, so she can wear it as a shoulder bag. it's mainly a satchel to most. it's a classy little style. ferrari is a hot color. brick red, tomatoe, and pomegranate are beautiful too. those are other reds you should consider. i think you need to get one!
  7. Thanks, Dawn and tadpole! :smile:

    I actually do not carry around a lot, so weight isn't a big issue for me - and while I am petite, I do have broad shoulders for my frame so I am a bit concerned about not being able to wear the Venetia on my shoulder. Hmmmmm....but I love the Ferrari color!!! It reminds me of Bal Tomato 07. :heart:

    I will keep mulling this one over.
  8. Lo, ferrari red is amazing - I used to have a blake in that colour and it is a true classic red with no orange. I love venetia and just bought another one yesterday. I find that they do get some wear on the corners as posted above. Some find the top strap a pain but I usually leave my bag unzipped and tuck the strap in, works fine! Hope this helps!
  9. I love the Venetia! I'm small farmed, so I can fit it over my shoulder, but not over a coat. Ferrari looks like a beautiful red, but I've never seen it IRL.
  10. I have a few Venetias. I am small framed and can fit it on my shoulder with a light sweater. The Venetia is a heavy bag - add the strap and it can be considered heavy and fussy. I don't use my Venetias often because of these two factors.

    I have a Blake in brick red. The color is tdf. I think ferrari red is a brighter red (which would have been my first choice).

    To overcome some of the fussiness, I keep the strap buckled and the top unzipped. If I need anything, I reach in and fish it out. Good luck with your decision!
  11. ferrari is hot!

    the venetia is a nice bag, but it can get really heavy and be a pain because the straps are just ever so slightly too short to be a very comfortable shoulder bag.
  12. Venetia is one of the classic and signature of MJ. It's a beautiful bag. I used to own the cognac venetia. i really love it, i was able to carry it over the shoulder, but i'm very petite only 5'1 and 90 lbs, and have a small arm. It is a handheld bag for most people. I love the leather, it's like a workhorse, not easy to scratch at all. Two things that did not work for me, it is quite heavy, and the center belt is kind of anoying, though without the belt, it does not look right. Venetia is selling on ebay really cheap nowadays. you can always get a deal there
  13. Just to note, I think whether or not the straps can fit over one's shoulder might also depend on the season in which the Venetia was produced. I'm pretty petite, and I could only fit my washed rose Venetia on my shoulder with great difficulty/discomfort. :yes:
  14. Interesting...your comments are all extremely helpful and the bag is gorgeous, but I am concerned about the whole strap drop issue.

    Now for the Ferrari red - how would you compare it to the Red Hot that's on a lot of the more current MbMJ bags? (I ask because my fear is that the Ferrari is pretty close to that color - and that's notwhat I want. I want something like Balenciaga Tomato 07).

    You are all so cool to help put up with my questions, thanks!! :flowers:
  15. Personally, I think that the current red has way more orange than Ferrari. [IMHO, not a big fan of orange reds at all.]