venetia or bowler?

  1. ahhh! i cant decide. :shrugs:i thought i wanted a venetia...but now the bowler is looking so cute.

    which one is heavier? do they both fit over your shoulder?

    also anyone have a patent bowler? does it scratch easily?

    i need my first MJ bag...just dont which one. too many choices! :confused1:
  2. what do they look like
  3. Two different bags, hard decision, but the Venetia is classic.
  4. The bowler handles don't fit over the shoulder, but the Venetia handles do if you're a smaller gal... not on me! I think the Venetia is heavier, and perhaps bigger, even bigger than the large sized bowler. Patent leather is suppose to be pretty durable, scratches less than regular calf leather. I think either way you go, you'll be happy! Let us know what you decide!
  5. Like the other ladies said, these two bags are so different, it's hard to decide! I don't think you can go wrong with the Venetia, but I personally think the quilted bowler is funky and versatile.

    I'd say, you can't lose either way, but if I were the one buying the bag...I'd get...probably the Venetia. That is because it's one of Marc's classic designs!
  6. In terms of staying power (status) and longetivity, Venetia wins for sure. SOFT CALF Venetia and Stella are MJ's most iconic bags.

    I'm assuming that you are referring to QUILTED URSULA Bowler.
    1) Venetia is heavier than QUILTED Bowler (one of MJ's lightest bags since it has canvas lining and minimal hardware). Cilifene got the numbers for us: QUILTED Bowler (small, non-patent) weighs 1.98 lbs, Blake weighs 2.86 lbs.

    2) I can fit them (Venetia, regular & large Bowlers) over my shoulder.

    3) This patent leather line (URSULA) is very nice, the leather is distressed and soft; it's more impressive than F/W 06's QUILTED PATCHWORK line (also patent leather). Water/dirt can be wiped off patent leather easily, however, it cannot be redyed like regular leather. If color penetrates into the leather, it cannot be fixed. If you don't go with a light color, you should be ok.

    Venetia is more sophisticated looking to me.
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  8. ITA with bag.lover. But if you can, maybe get both? I've been eyeing that Ursula bowler forever and waiting for the sales, but when they were finally on sale at eLuxury, I thought the prices weren't low enough because I've seen them lower before. Needless to say, I held out and lost out. Let us know which one(s) you decide on!
  9. I like both, but I prefer the Venetia. It's more classic.
  10. Oh I like the Spring 2007 bowler. It is a large satchel with elastic-like pockets. :drool:

    The Ursula one I like too. But unless it's the Spring 2007 one I say Venetia. I also say check out for the new Bowler! The stock is default in a white color.
  11. Bowler. :drool:

    I know it's just me, but I do not like the Venetia.
  12. There are at least 5 Bowlers in S/S 2007. You are referring to the one from GATHERING WITH QUILTED or GATHERING WITH QUILTED VERNICE (patent) line.

    GATHERING WITH QUILTED Bowler: $1395USD; Black, Beige, Slate
    GATHERING WITH QUILTED VERNICE (patent) Bowler: $1475USD; Natural, Slate, Nude
    MIA Bowler: $1250USD; Black, White, Brown
    IRINA (leather) Bowler: $995USD; Black, White, Navy, Brown
    IRINA (nylon) Kirsten: $675USD; Black, Navy, Natural

    Check out this thread for a partial listing of S/S 2007 bags (still in the updating process):