Venetia or Blake

  1. I need your opinion ladies. I can't decide which bag i want. I LOVE the venetia but i want one i can easily put on my shoulder. I would love to find a stella...but that isn't going good now :crybaby:i like the blake, but I'm open to any suggestions!

  2. i just got a venetia...and i love it! but i cant put it over my shoulder if im wearing a jacket.
  3. when you do put it on your shoulder, does it bulge your arm out alot?
  4. I have a blake & I love that too....I can wear it on my shoulder w/ a winter coat (a dress coat..not a huge down coat)....I just can't get past that strap that comes over the top on the venetia....The bag is gorgeous but I think having to constantly undo that strap to get into my purse would kill me! Let us know what you decide....Thought about colors yet? :heart: Emmy
  5. well i would absolutely love to get s/t in the blue or green family, but i want s/t that would go with just about anything, so im thinking s/t brown
  6. is the blake really heavy?
  7. I have both and I would say the Venetia is my favorite of the two. I think they're both equally heavy. The Blake is organized better and probably holds more. I tend to like hand-held bags better - the kind you can wear on your arm near where it bends (I think it's called the crook of your arm?). I think with either one, you'll have a winner!
  8. I don't think it's REALLY heavy..but it's heavy..It's def the heaviest bag I own...I thought my mp was heavy until I got this one...But it's not neck -breaking...I'd carry it if it weighed twice as much......That's how much I love it....!:heart: Emmy
  9. thanks!

    i like hand held bags too, but i have a 2 year old so i need to be able to throw it up on my shoulder when i need to :yes:
  10. I don't own either bag, but based on looks alone I'd say it's a tie! I love the Venetia, but it depends on the color. On the other hand, the blake always looks so cute. If you're looking for a shoulder bag, go for the Blake.

    However, if you're open to other options, an MP is a great shoulder bag, and has the same "pocket look" of the Blake and Venetia.
  11. marclover makes a good point, the MP is definitely very roomy and easy to carry. It's my best every day bag yet! But if your set on either blake or Venetia, then Blake sounds like it will work out best for you.
  12. Yup I agree about the mp..I have a small one and it is great..I want a large one too...:p Good luck!!! Post when you get one!!! :heart: Emmy
  13. Though choice! I would say Blake :yes:
  14. Does the blakes nameplate have made in italy on in, or is it stamped somewhere else?
  15. yeah it sorta does :s