Venetia or Blake? Which do you prefer?

  1. I love the Blake but am thinking about a mettalic Venetia! Will I like it as much as the Blake? Do you Venetia owners find it a good everyday bag or does that buckle in the middle get in your way? Can you put it on your shoulder?:confused1::shrugs:
  2. I don't own a Blake, but I can answer your Venetia questions. I cannot wear mine on my shoulder. Well, I can, but it's a super tight fit and it would never stay. The buckle does tend to get in the way. I just leave it half unzipped and reach for whatever I need without undoing the buckle. I use the pushlock pockets for my phone and keys. They are the best! If I'm not in a hurry (but I always seem to be) it's not a huge deal to open the buckle. I do love my Venetia. It doesn't even seem heavy any more and all my stuff fits inside.
  3. love love love the venetia, have two, metallic purple and rust will get more, but suprisingly, i like my mj capra the best, it's just so unique
  4. I have a Venetia, but no Blake, so my opinion might be biased ;). The only downside I can think of for owning a Venetia is that you can't wear it over your shoulders in the winter (you can during coatless weather if you are more petite in size).
  5. I ADORE the venetia!!! I can comfortably carry mine on my shoulder and as for the buckle, I usually keep it undone, and then just let the strap part hang down into the bag (I usually leave my bags open). It's not an issue for me that way. I love the blake, too, but find that I get confused as to which compartment I put what in, lol. I'm sure if I used it more, I wouldn't though. IMO the blake is a heavier bag than the venetia.
  6. i like the blake better, even though i do not have one....YET. it seems more practical.
  7. Blake Blake Blake Blake Blake
  8. I don't own either, but try on the Blake at Nordstrom, and it seems more practical for everyday. My Alfred has the buckle like the Venetia and it can be somewhat annoying to get in and out of, but I love the look.
  9. I prefer the Blake, but I like the Venetia for times when I want a hand held bag. It just looks so elegant when I see it hanging off someone's arm.
  10. I prefer the blake.
  11. Blake!!! :love:
  12. i prefer the venetia.
  13. ^^ LOL!!!!!!!!!!! I TOTALLY agree!!!!!! :tup:
  14. I find the Venetia a good bag but I can't use it everyday. I'm biased on the MP - so that's my choice for an everyday bag. But of the Venetia and Blake, I think the Blake would be a better choice as an everyday bag just because of the compartments and because it's a little easier to carry. On my Venetia, I leave my buckle buckled. If I need something, I unzip the bag half way and feel around for whatever I'm looking for. :p I can fit the Venetia on my shoulder, but most of the time, I carry it on my arm.
  15. i'm a venetia girl. the blake is more convenient because it's meant to be a shoulder bag, therefore, it's more comfortable to carry, but i can still sling the venetia on my shoulders when it gets too tiring to tote by hand or in the crook of my arm. one would assume that the venetia would be a much more cumbersome especially with the buckle, but i keep the bag unzipped with the buckle done and I am still able to reach inside to pull out my keys, zc, lip balm, etc. surprisingly, the blake is much heavier too. it doesn't seem like it would be since the venetia looks so much bigger.

    i can't really explain it, but i think the venetia is just more handsome than the blake. i guess it's because of the buckle and the longer shape. the blake looks like it's missing something or as if it's unfinished. i :heart: my venetia. it's such an iconic mj bag to me.