Venetia Lovers

  1. All you Venetia lovers come forth, tell us how many you own, colors and why you love the bag?!!:heart::tup::shrugs:
  2. The Venetia was the first Marc Jacobs bag that really caught my eye. :heart: It looks so beautiful and classy when carried on the arm. Although I only have three I would love to add to my collection! Here's what I have so far:

    Olive with gold hardware
    Maroon with silver hardware
    Indigo with silver hardware
  3. i absolutely LOVE the venetia! it was the bag that started my mj obsession. i currently have two: one in bark and a black one with ivory stitching and nickel hardware. when i need to look polished, the venetia is the first bag in my collection that i reach for. it's perfect for work especially when i have important meetings, business trips, interviews, etc.

    i don't use it often because i prefer bags that i can comfortably shoulder carry, but it's still one of my favorites. i really love the venetia cameron diaz has been carrying around lately. i believe it's light grey with gold hardware. it's gorgeous! if the mj boutiques still has it, i would love to get one!
  4. Indigo? I'm so jealous. I lost out on one on eBay. If you ever decided to part with it (fat chance, I know) please please let me know.
  5. I just received her yesterday so I'm not quite willing to sell her yet. ;)
  6. I've got only one and I absolutely love it. It's a quilted black leather with satin gold hardware.
  7. same here! i have a kelly green with gold hardware!
  8. i agree, camerons bag is to die for. ive been searching eBay ever since! :supacool:
  9. So far a grand total of 6 for me. Here's a pic...the 6th one (gold quilted) is on her way this week. :love: My one lonely blake is in this picture too...

  10. :heart:Mine is my black Venetia with nickel hardware. I love this bag! It can be dressed up or dressed down. It holds everything. I love the two push lock pockets. I think it is such a classic. I want another in a bright, wild color. I just have to decide which one(s).
  11. wow! :drool:! CONGRATS on a beautiful venetia collection! just wondering, but do you collect other MJ bags? or other designer bags? or just venetia's?
  12. Thanks!! Well, I am always on the lookout for an interesting blake (there's a yellow quilted one in the pic) but currently I only have one of those, just because I find the venetias so much more user friendly. I've also owned a stella in the past, but gave it to my mom b/c she loved it so much.

    I also have 5 LV's currently.
  13. Wow Christyr143! Your collection is gorgeous!

    I only have one MJ collection bag (as I am a grad student with a budget) and I chose the Venetia (in Pomegranate) because it is so classic and beautiful. I thought it would be versatile and transcend trends. I hope to pass it on like an heirloom someday. I only use it sparingly even though it would look great with everything.

    Here's one outfit I wore it with to teach my undergrads earlier in the semester (pre-fall):
  14. I looove Venetia's/ Probably my favorite MJ bag style. I only have one in Maroon that I adore. It's so gorgeous.I'm definetly looking to expand.
  15. I just have the black w/gold hardware. Hopefully more will come.