Venetia Lovers Unite!!!

  1. I have noticed that alot of marc jacob lovers have a least one or many colors of venetias. I am on the verge of buying one myself and I need that extra push. Since so many people here own one, I was wondering what kind of outfits do you wear with them? I want this thread to be dedicated to the wonderful outfits one can wear with their venetias.

    Come on everyone don't be shy... Could you please model an outfit with your venetia? or tell me why you love them so much? You can wear your sweatpants, if you want, I don't care(lol!!)
  2. I love the bag, but there really isn't anything special that I wear with it. The black one I use basically everyday which includes a commute on the train. I do like the looks that I get. :yes: I look forward to seeing how others model them, especially LUVMyPurses Zebra Venetia!
  3. I also don't wear it with anything special. I tend to pair it when I am wearing neutral colors because I only have one and it is pomegranate in color. Last time I took a photo of me wearing it was in September. I was going to teach my fall semester class at the university where I am finishing my phd.

  4. pghandbag - Your pomegranate Venetia is beautiful! And I like your outfit in the picture too.
  5. I love my black Venetia with gold hardware. It is a really versatile bag that stands out, in my opinion. I definitely hope to add more Venetia's to my collection. I love the Pomegranate shade. If you can get a Venetia, I would definitely go for it. I do not think you will be disappointed.
  6. i'm so confused....i want to sell one of mine which do you guys think should go..the rust soft calf or metallic purple patchwork :sweatdrop:
  7. I have the Silver Venetia and wear it with just about anything to jazz up my outfits.
    I always get a lot of comments on it.
    Even though it's silver, it's still a somewhat "neutral" color.
  8. A head turner for sure. Real nice.:drool:
  9. OMG, the Venetia is one of my all time fav styles. I have had at one time 5 or 6, I had pomegranate, tomato, spearmint, dusty pink, which I sold, so now am pared down to 2. Currently, I have the zebra hair calf and the cognac. I think Venetia is the trademark Marc Jacobs bag.
  10. :nuts: Two beauties. I am so jelly. Can you take a picture modeling the zebra? Pretty pleez.:crybaby:
  11. Adore the venetia bag!!:heart::yes:
  12. Why have u decided to sell one? They are so very different! Maybe sell the one you use the least OR keep your favorite and sell the other. OR keep both!? :p
  13. I've only got one Venetia but I do not see that list stopping anytime soon! My main concern is color transfer, since it is Ivory. I would wear it with anything that makes the bag stand out... short of sweats and a hoodie- not trying to make it stand out in that way :p I would love to own a Black one with gold hardware. Maybe you should buy one in a color you absolutely love or buy one that you feel you will get a lot of use out of- something versatile. Good luck!~ You'll be hooked shortly!
  14. My black Venetia is the first MJ in my collection. I just used mine today to work--I wore a pair of slacks w/ a cami under a cardigan top, wedge heels, and quarter length coat. The Venetia went very well with my outfit :yes:
  15. I've been coveting one for a long time, and I finally received one for Christmas -- a quilted violet (more like a deep brownish-purple) Venetia. I love it! I've never seen one in this color, but at the same time, the deep purple makes it a very neutral color. I'm probably going to be wearing it with everything!!