venetia in gold, blue or silver?

  1. i want a venetia so bad! i need a big bag to schlep my stuff around :shame:

    where can i find a gold, silver or blue one?????
  2. I've got the same venetia fever that you do! I don't have an answer, but I am rooting for ya!
  3. Some of the Last Call NMs still have Venetias at good prices, as does the Nordstrom Racks and Off 5th stores. Other than eBay, you will have to pay retail unless a sale comes up at the dept stores. MJ boutiques probably still has this bag in those colors but you'll have to pay full retail bc there is rarely a sale. If I see any on eBay I'll let you know!
  4. yay!! thank you!! :smile:
  5. Good luck! I sometimes see the gold and silver venetias on ebay.. not too many blue ones!