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  1. i had order my blk venetia and afterwards i came upon this site. i started to worry as to whether or not my bag would arrive a fake. To my surprise, it was AUTHENTIC! im not sure about their chloe bags, but let me tell you, the venetia is 100% authentic. and guess what...I GOT IT FOR $379!!!:yahoo:
  2. I'm certain that their stuffs are fake!
  3. Sorry, their MJ venetias and their Chloes are definitely fake. You should get your money back.
  4. thats not what they said at the store
  5. hasty, please post pics of your bag. we would love to see them :smile:
  6. All these stores claim that their bags are authentic, they are defnitely fake. Like Abaglover said, you should get your money back. Hope everything will work out.
  7. no the mj store said it was real!
  8. Yup, 1000% sure that Paddies are fake. Take a look at this store's Chocolate Paddy & Green Spy, other colors are just as bad.

    Personally, I wouldn't get anything from this store.
    paddy_brown.jpg spy.jpg
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