Venetia Discontinued?

  1. So I've been browsing the MJ site for the new venetia colors and I can't seem to find newer ones than the ones release for fall 2006.

    Has this style been discontinued??
  2. ^ The official site only contains a partial listing of styles/colors every season. Venetia is still available. =)
  3. * SOFT CALF CLASSIC Venetia *
    Spring/Summer 2007: Black, White, Navy, Light Grey
    Resort 2006: Black, Cocoa, Tapioca, Olive

    The price tag is $1025USD.
  4. oh goooood. any idea what the newst colors are? I still have my heart set on the putty...( i think primarily because i like saying 'putty' lol)
  5. hmmmm light grey sounds interesting? lighter than graphite i'm guessing...along the lines of muse?
  6. Partial Listing of S/S 2007 bags from MJ Look Book (will add the remaining items to this thread soon):
    Partial Listing of Resort 2006 bags from MJ Look Book (will add the remaining items to this thread soon):

    Pictures of Resort 06 bags can be found in this thread. The 1st page contains items from Nordstrom's Look Book only, I will update the final list in the near future.
  7. MJ boutiques are expecting Soft Calf Classic styles from now until mid-February. I only saw Spring/Summer 2007 colors in the look book at the boutique. Light Grey is definitely lighter than F/W 06's Graphite. It seems lighter than S/S 06's Putty as well, you might like it. =)

    Spring/Summer 2007: Black, White, Natural, Light Grey, Lavendar
    Resort 2006: Black, Cocoa, Tapioca, Sand, Olive

    Blake's price tag is now $995USD.
  8. I saw several styles in Light Grey in real life, it is a bit lighter than S/S 06's Putty.

    Lavendar is a soft and lovely color.
  9. Lavendar sounds beautiful! Do you have a pic of it bag.lover?