Venetia cleaning

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  1. I am soooo excited! I sent my almond venetia, spring '05 to NM to be cleaned and they sent it off to a company in New York. I got it back on Thursday it looks brand new:yahoo: ! They did a wonderful job, inside and out. Is anyone familiar with this company?
  2. Congrats on your newly cleaned bag. :yahoo: I would love to have mine cleaned. I didn't know NM offered this service. Do I take it back to them and have them send it to the company ( I'm afraid I don't have the receipt) or can I send it to the company directly?
  3. You don't have to have a receipt. Just take your handbag in to be cleaned and they will do the rest. There was a thread a while ago talking about this company. I was hoping someone would remember their name.
  4. how much did they charge?
  5. The charge was $75.00.