Venetia, Blake, and MP: Which looks the most elegant?


The most elegant MJ bag is...

  1. The Venetia

  2. The Blake

  3. The MP

  4. None of the above

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. And which is your favorite and why?

    I would really appreciate your thoughts. I own a Venetia but would like to hear opinions on the Blake and MP, which I dont own but am definitely interested in.

    P10801585.jpg 0470823826772_275x275.jpg mjhan2000912867_prod_medium.jpg
  2. id say the ventia first off is the most elegant...because it's a classic shape and arm/hand would be the multipocket, then the blake IMO
  3. ^^I completely agree with that order. Out of those 3 choices, Venetia is the most elegant. :yes:
  4. I just adore the Venetia.

    It's my favorite of all my MJ's, and probably of all my bags in general.

    It's just so classic AND classy. I love it so much.
  5. Yup :yes: Me too!

  6. i voted for the venetia! it's such a beautiful and timeless style; a marc jacobs classic. the mp is my least favorite among the three. i prefer my bags with more structure and shape.
  7. My vote goes to Venetia as well. Although I just love my new black MP, it does appear a little bit more laid back and casual.
  8. I love them all. I voted for the Blake because it is my favorite. I don't have a Venetia, only because I need a shoulder bag and am not great with handheld bags, but it is definitely very elegant as well.
  9. As far as elegance goes: Venetia, Blake, MP.

    But, I love MPs. It has a more casual feel to it, but it's the easiest for me to carry.
  10. i have all 3 bags and love them for different reasons! i voted for the venetia, with the blake coming in at a close second.
  11. Venetia is elegant, classic and timeless!!
  12. venetia for me too. love the mp, but its definately more casual.......
  13. I was the odd one that answered MP, I can't help it, I go WOW everytime I see someone with a MP :smile:
  14. Another vote for the Venetia. :love: I just love the way it looks hanging from the arm.
  15. The venetia is the most elegent. It's really lovely, but handheld bags don't work well for me. My favorite is the multi pocket (large) because it just looks great with my wardrope and its so functional.