Venetas!! My new lovelies (pics & long post)!!

  1. Since our BV forum is smaller (intimate!) and more manageable, I hope you guys won't mind my sharing the long-version of how both came about? I'm admittedly taking a break from work. :shame:

    I am very happy to share with everyone my very first and SECOND Bottega Veneta! :dothewave:

    Yes, for those that have been following my BV journey, it's been a long and UNUSUALLY patient road for me and I worked very hard to earn these babies. I'm ecstatic that my patience payed off...quite literally. So I didn't hold out for my upcoming European vacation, but these lovelies were irresistable.

    The first 'lil somethin, I purchased a couple of months ago and have been keeping it under wraps because initially I wasn't sure if it was a keeper. I was hesitant of the fragility of the color and small-ish size, but after living with it for a while, I fell in :heart: and it was here to stay. Turns out the combination of the petite size and delicate color is feminine perfection! I've been using it almost daily and it is scrumptious - light weight, deceivingly fits more than expected, and it seems to match just about most of my outfits (I live in neutrals). The color magnolia is pure grace.

    Without further ado, here she is! Medium Magnolia Veneta!
  2. Beautiful!!!!! :heart:
  3. I did say Venetas, plural, right? :rolleyes:

    The next one arrived after much consideration for next style and color. I spent some time at SF/Vegas BV and NM with the "icons" and there's just something about the Veneta that kept me returning to it - the light weight, comfort of use both on the arm and under, the intrecciato leather that I love and is quintessentially BV. It seemed boring to get another Veneta, but at the end of the day, it's not like I'll be wearing them both at the same time! So the target was the large Veneta. Color was more difficult. It came down to three: ebano, limo and noce. All stunning in their own way. At the end, it was about a color that I do not own in any style/designer.

    This is when it gets rather serendipidous. After narrowing it down to the 3 colors, I noticed there was a noce on Bluefly. I wasn't entirely sold on the color yet and just the fact that it was marked down was not a selling point for me. Therefore, I let it go, but kept my eye on it. I returned from another reconnaissance trip to BV that made up my mind on color...noce. Quickly logged into Bluefly, and no bag! It was gone. Two days. Amazing. I thought "it wasn't meant to be, so looks like it's time to pay full problem, especially since the price hike was looming in a few days"...ok, call dear Roberto @ SF BV the next day. That night, experiencing major insomnia, I was, of course, perusing tPF. I was reminded of the NM pre-sale. I logged on and *GASP* :nuts: , lo and behold, what do I see...MY noce on sale! I couldn't order it fast enough. I was on such a high, that sleep eluded me for another hour - I passed out around 4AM.

    And there ladies and gents is how I came about with not just my first, but also my second BV. Justified and motivated by the stellar prices and uncompromized choices, I couldn't wait until my European vacation. Pray for me, 3 more weeks before I depart and the sales are still going strong! TRULY on never-before purse ban....until Europe that is ;)

    Here he is (yes, magnolia is a she and noce is my he!....and I also name my car....haha)
  4. And here are some pics side by side for those that would like to see a size comparison -- flash, no flash and side view.
    venetapair.jpg venetapairnoflash.jpg venetasideview.jpg
  5. Gorgeous! Versatility - I like it!
  6. Drool is rapidly making its way down the coast right now...both are so beautiful. What ideal choices!
  7. Your story is so terribly cute, I could live almost every moment you went through! Maybe it was really meant to be gone first to appear marked down later on!

    Anyways, congrats on your two Venetas (it makes indeed a very funny title for a thread)

    Have you thought of storing them in a comfortable and cozy drawer? Who knows, maybe turns out they`re going to be proud parents of small-sized magnolia-noce-striped little Venetas? :lol:
  8. I love them. The magnolia is scrumptious and the noce is going to be a great versatile all year bag.

    BTW, is that an Hermes scarf they're sitting upon? Brides de Gala?
  9. Lovely.
  10. gorgeous bag, congrats!!
  11. Oh my.. they are gorgeous! :drool::drool:
  12. oohhh lovely veneta.. can't wait for my first veneta too....
  13. Wow....
    Congratss... and one of them is on a great deal... ENJOY !
  14. oh wow! I love your noce veneta - i really love this colour and seeing it now like this the whole idea is sold on me!

    congrats on your gorgeous bags and enjoy
  15. Lucky lady! Enjoy them!!!