Veneta Sizes

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  1. Hey Ladies!

    Just got a red Medium Veneta 2 days ago in Venice. Its a stunning red, dark red. I will post pics soon.

    But I wanted to ask you in how many sizes the veneta comes and if any of you have a pic that shows the different sizes.

    Also I wanted to ask if the new venetas (the ones with the twist on the front) will stay as a classic or if they are just seasonal. Also I wanted to ask in how many sizes this new bag comes.

    Oh, and do any of you know what colors are classic (veneta) and what are seasonal!?

    I am sooo addicted now :smile:

  2. I'll just get you started on the sizes ..
    medium veneta is 16 x 10, large is 20 x (?)12 and then there's a super ?? max not sure how big.
    The experienced ones can tell you about seasonal colors, and the pleated front one..
  3. Ah okay then I have the large one! So there are 3 sizes? But also a very tiny one, like a clutch?
  4. Yes, there's a mini also. Not all colors come in all sizes though.
  5. I haven't heard if the pleated Veneta will be a permanent style or not. They will do a variation on the classic Veneta each season, but they don't carry over.

    The classic colors are Nero (black), Ebano (dark brown), Noce (medium nut brown), and Bianca (white). So far I've seen seasonal colors Eclipse, Torrent, Turbolance in the pleated Veneta. Also Baltic, I think. I'm sure others who live near a BV store will know the answer.
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    There is also a tiger veneta this season. Being relatively new to BV (although hopelessly in love) I don't know whether they will evolve to other animals like zebra? :P

    I think someone else mentioned you check out the veneta thread in the style reference. there you can see lots of venetas in all of the lovely colors to which boxermom refers.... oh and different sizes too.

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  7. Hey thanks ladies!!!!:smile: You guys are so great.

    I also wanted to ask u ladies if u know whether the Veneta will also come in this new ash??

    Its such a lovely color!