Veneta Sizes

  1. Im a newbie.

    Id just like to know how many sizes does the VENETA come in?

    Ive seen the medium sized one and i just saw the smaller one in the catalogue.

    Anyone can help me out?
  2. Hi,
    mini, medium, large and in some models maxi (royal and studded). Hope this helps
  3. many thanks!!! how much is it retailing in the US?
    Do u know?
  4. According to the online shopping catalogue at their official website, the prices are-

    Medium Veneta - USD1490
    Large Veneta - USD1850

    And according to their SS 07/08 catalogue,

    Mini Veneta - USD640
    Maxi Veneta - USD2280
  5. Oh hey triggerpuff, youre from singapore? Im also from Asia.

    How much does it retail in your country?
  6. hey spins, the large veneta retails at sgd3,230 in singapore. sorry, can't remember the prices for the rest. maybe kopibaby can fill us in - she just bought a mini veneta.
  7. thanks armycandyaddict.
    i wonder what colours for the mini veneta they have in singapore cos im eyeing on one but still dont know which to get.
  8. Here is a comparison pic of medium, large and maxi for you. The mini is pretty small though not really a shoulder bag like the others.
    bottega comparison 005.jpg bottega comparison 003.jpg
  9. :heart: your comparison pics, Syma! Too gorgeous!!
  10. Thanks so much SYMA.
    Wish i had a collection like yours.
  11. Great comparison pictures Syma! I am so tempted to get Maxi Veneta but which one do you find you use most?
  12. Oh ya btw, what colours does the mini veneta come in?
  13. Thanks Nymph, Spins (I hope you find your perfect BV) and Balchlfen.

    Balchlfen, as you know one BV comes and another goes, I found that the large Veneta is the perfect size for me although the maxi was amazing too. Sadly 2 of the above bags are no longer in my collection, I sold the ebano medium and bought a large ebano veneta and the maxi was exchanged for a Limited edition Cocker with python intreccatio accents (I posted pics in a different thread), so all in all I know have triplet venetas all in large, ebano, rivet (in dark green) and Carmino. I did see a maxi intreccatio nero veneta in bond street a couple of days ago so it looks like for now the maxi is going to become part of the classic collection, not sure of the price though, I think it is pretty steep compared to the large size??
  14. syma,
    pretty pics!
    now, you just need a mini to complete the pic! :p
  15. Syma, i know the price of the medium is 755 pounds. But how much issit in the large one? I called bond street late last week but the mini ones varied from 400-500 pounds, is that correct?