Veneta Reveal!

  1. Hi ladies, so just made my third purchase for another veneta..thanks to the lovely authenticators here, I was able to nap this gorgeous veneta in azure! The colour is even more beautiful irl! Second photo is with my violet veneta (so hard to capture that colour but it is stunning also - a very vibrant purple)!
    photo 1(2).JPG photo 2 (3).JPG photo 2(1).JPG
  2. Azure is gorgeous. Nice score!
  3. OH, very pretty! I love the colors side by side - they go together!!!

  4. Thank you ladies :biggrin:
  5. love the color - so vibrant and gorgeous!
  6. Nice color. I love the blue from that season :smile: What a find!
  7. Congratulations! I love the bright seasonal colors.
  8. Azure is a gorgeous blue! Congrats on your Veneta!
  9. gorgeous
  10. Thanks everyone! Always nice to see the regular BV tpfers supporting me in my BV purchases ;)
  11. Gorgeous!! Congrats! I love my black veneta but now would also love to have a vibrant colored one - I especially love your violet so much. Enjoy!
  12. So pretty~~ let me think about the sky in Greece!!!!!!
  13. Gorgeous, gorgeous color. Congrats!!
  14. Gorgeous color! What a beautiful purchase :loveeyes:
  15. beautiful color, you scored well ^^