veneta question

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  1. hi ive seen a veneta on bonanzle ... it looks really nice but has a mobile pocket inside. I've not seen this before, wondered if it was a feature in older venetas as my irish green I bought last year doesn't have a mobile pocket.
  2. All my Venetas have a phone pocket. My newest was purchased a few weeks ago. Mine are all large.
  3. Medium sized do not.

    If you're interested in buying, have it authenticated in the 'Authenticate this' thread first, just to be on the safe side.
  4. the phone pocket is not large enough for an iphone unless they have made them bigger in the newer venetas
    my belly veneta has a phone pocket but it is not large enough for my pantech phone
  5. The phone pocket in my Large Veneta (2009) is not large enough for an iPhone to fit comfortably -- I *can* squeeze it in, but it takes a bit of fiddling to get it out, so I never use it for that purpose. The phone pocket in my Cervo Hobo (2013) is the same size, no bigger.
  6. I think what was asked was if there was a pocket at all in the medium Venetas, and the answer is no.

    I've never found a use for that pocket - :smile: - pens don't even fit well.:lol:
  7. I keep dental floss in my phone pocket

  8. I bought a Loop Cervo Hobo in 2013 and the pocket was bigger (big enough for a 4s with a rubber case to fit comfortably). I was excited. :biggrin:

    Then I bought a new Maxi later that year and the pocket was back to the smaller size. I was disappointed. :sad: