Veneta or SDJ .

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Which one?

  1. Keep the Sdj

  2. Keep the veneta

  3. Keep neither

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Hello all

    I'm really conflicted. I got two bags in the sale and thought I could decide which to keep later. They were both the same price to start with and I had a 50% code so they were exact same.
    I can't keep both especially since I just bought a BV pillow.

    Which to keep?
    1. Saint Laurent sac de jour in smooth black size small in older style with lining and fixed length carry handle

    2. Large Bottega Veneta woven Veneta in Edoardo. I already have a small dark brown Veneta also.

    Thanks for your opinions and help
  2. Have pics? :smile:
  3. Yes of course. I will add shortly
  4. Ok here they are together but I took this with flash so colour not so good

    Attached Files:

  5. Bottega no flash, colour good here

    Attached Files:

  6. Saint Laurent. Much more structured. Bit heavier

    Attached Files:

  7. Well. This should be an easy decision - two totally different types of bags. Do you want structured or relaxed? Small or large? What do you normally go for?
  8. I am into classic bag, so I vote for veneta. Large veneta is an ideal sized bag, even compared to medium veneta.

    Also, I am not sure how 'classic' sdj would be. I mean, I thought Muse was a classic, but now it is outdated.
  9. Venerable-gorgeous!
  10. Thanks ladies. I normally go for relaxed. But love sdj look.
  11. Bv
  12. BV, it will go with anything, a dress and jeans, casual and formal, even boho if you fancy! SDJ (IMO) is a lot more demanding, I personally would not wear it with slippers, but I regularly wear my BVs with Berkenstock. Whatever you decide, enjoy!
  13. Which one will get used most given your style and your life? What other bags you have in your collection, and what style would you like to have to complement your collection? Which one makes you feel good wearing it?
    Those are questions I asked when buying a bag. As long as you buy for the moment you live in, for you and not for others, and follow your heart, it won't go wrong....
  14. Veneta, more beautiful IMO.
  15. BV for sure super swoon