Veneta Maxi Anyone?

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    Hi All,

    I know, I know I'm sure this question has already been asked several times but now that I have a gorgeous maxi ebano on the way I was TOO excited to not at least try and create a new thread.

    Something about up to the minute information in BV world. You never know someone could've purchased a new maxi over the weekend and want to share their experience with all of us now. lol

    I'd love to hear everyone's opinions the good and bad on the maxi.

    Feel free to share....
  2. I love love love my maxi and it is one of my most-used bags. I have been using it nearly every weekend. It's so roomy and yet relatively light.
  3. Wow, that's a great review. Thank you.
    So I take it you definetely approve of my purchase.;)
  4. The MAXI is the PERFECT Hobo imo...!!! Love, love, love it!! I had an Orchid Maxi which was my first BV and foolishly sold it! I have been on the hunt for another as well as an Ebano or similar colored Maxi ever since! You will adore this bag! Please post pics when it arrives! Can't wait to see all that gorgeous leather!:smile:
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    I can so relate to letting a great maxi go but now it's my turn to get it back and soon it will be yours!;)

    I will post pics of my BV collection once everything arrives. Just a couple weeks. I'll even take a pic of my wallet and accessories too.
    I'm in such a great BV mood today. A large toffee veneta and maxi on the way in one month. What more could a girl ask for? lol
  6. I've been intrigued by the maxi for a while now. Would love to see mod shots once you receive; there aren't too many on here. I think my next bv will be a maxi or a large belly.
  7. I love the maxi! It's my favorite size of Veneta. Holds so much, and the extra size gives it more slouch.

  8. I have a Pourpre maxi and I love it! The oversizedness gives it a casual cool look that is really flattering and eyecatching.
  9. That blue Maxi is gorgeous!!!!
  10. I'm getting more excited by the minute to receive my maxi!
    Thanks for posting that lovely pic.

    I hope if the lucky lady who just purchased the intagli maxi from Ebay is a PF member she'll do a reveal. That was one gorgeous bag!
  11. Yes-that intagli maxi on ebay was a gorgeous! I was very close to buying it myself! Looking forward to your pics!
  12. Nero Maxi in my it...
  13. I have a Nero and Nuvolato Maxi. I love them both so very much! Congrats on yours!
  14. :useless:
  15. [​IMG]

    I get the chills when I see that color, wow!