Veneta Limo

  1. Is this Veneta bag from NAP the limo ?

  2. Yup, looks like Limo, Bluefly often calls it "clay"...
  3. That's the same as my Limo Veneta. As its most likely a seasonal colour (though there're rumours of it becoming a classic which would then be available at all times), go for it while stocks last!
  4. Can you tell me if this is the large model?
  5. The Nap UK site has only the large, width 19". The medium is around 14".
  6. I`ve heard the rumors as well, Ms P, but when I searched for a credit card case in Limo, the SA at BV told me it was sold out and wouldn`t come again next season, so looks as if it was a one-shot color...
  7. I am a bit confused about the size of this Veneta. On the large is 20x19 in and the medium is 17x16 in. And NAP say 19x12 in on the limo veneta, is there 3 sizes to choose from???
  8. You'd need to confirm it, but it sounds like Bluefly isn't measuring up to the strap.
  9. Oops, I meant NAP...