Veneta in Parma

  1. Dear All

    I know that this is a very long shot but has anyone seen a large veneta in Parma for sale in a BV Boutique. I was in London recently and saw that the sloane street store had a few pale pink bags and it got me thinking that somewhere there might be a parma with my name on it!!!

    Any tip offs most gratefully received.

  2. I haven't seen Parma in a long time, however there is an authentic looking ball bag on eBay. Good Luck, Parma is a great color.
  3. I've been eyeing on that Parma Ball Bag, it's such a lovely colour!! Good luck, VDK, hope you find your Parma bag!!
  4. Yes, check out eBay for particular BV bags/colors. sometimes you get lucky and find an authentic one.

    Best of luck finding your dream BV!
  5. I've seen someone with parma veneta once, it's adorable, love it!
  6. Thank you! I'm thinking of branching out and maybe going for the parma ball bag but I'm very tall and somehow the shape doesn't look quite as good as the large veneta. I'm so desperate for a purple bag that I'm looking at the YSL downtown just to get my purple fix.

  7. ^Nothing wrong with eyeing the Downtown, I guess. I have met many familiar BV faces in the YSL subforum.:graucho:

    But a Parma Veneta would be so gorgeous, though!
  8. ^ So has this familiar face found the perfect downtown yet?
  9. Oh, ms p, I`m slowly going insane here. Don`t mean to hijack VKD`s thread so all I`m saying is that sometimes, having too much time to obsess on bags (I`m on summer break at my parents` place) is NOT good for the nerves. Dealing with SAs who don`t know what you`re talking about isn`t either and those online chats with department store reps are the worst thing ever! :wacko:
  10. Claus - are you looking for a purple downtown too? If not what colour are you looking for? V
  11. Ps. My future hubby is Austrian/Viennese.
  12. V- actually I`m searching for a large Downtown in grey flannel, but found out that they were not commercialised. Guess I´m going for the O/S Muse in that material now.

    Oh, congrats on your engagement! I`m actually no real Austrian, I`m half-german half-korean and have moved to Vienna two years ago for my studies. But I´m in love with the city! Tell your fiancé I say hi!
  13. Hi, oh what a shame as I saw the downtown in purple but it doesn't suit me and I know it's a hard to get colour. Fingers crossed that you get your O/S Muse in the flannel. V