Veneta in Old Petra?

  1. Ladies -

    I LOVE the Old Petra color but when I went to the NYC boutique they didn't have this color. I thought I read on this forum that the Veneta did come in the Old Petra color. Can anyone help confirm this?

  2. I just saw the medium Veneta in Old Petra at my Nordstrom.
  3. I've never seen.. But wouldn't that be a killer combo!

    Do update us if you actually end up getting it, writetoshirley! Pics would be mandatory if you did land this baby! :yes:
  4. I have seen the medium Veneta in Old Petra but it comes with patent Poudre stitchings all aound the sides of the bag. It’s absolutely TDF!!! :drool::drool::drool: Alas, due to the patent stitchings, this bag cost a whopping 70% more (at least here in Singapore before the new pricing) than the standard medium Veneta. :wtf: