Veneta for 5' petite: medium or large?

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  1. Hi, I am looking into purchasing my first BV and interested in the classic Veneta but not sure if the Large size would be too overwhelming for my tiny 5' (152cm) frame.
    Should I go for Large or Medium?

    Any mod pics from fellow petite ladies with large or medium Veneta would be great too, as there is no BV shop in my city for me to try them on.
    One more question: Is there much weight difference between the medium and large?
    Thank you in advance :smile:
  2. Have you done any searches on this topic? If not, do try that because there is a ton of information on this topic.

    In a nutshell, it depends what look you're going for. A large on your frame will look more casual. The medium will be a bit more dressy. Those that have a medium tend to use if for evenings or going out. The large is their day-to-day go-to hobo.

    I am tall at 5'10 so I use the large. The maxi would give me the relaxed look you'll get in the large.
  3. Thanks for your input!
    Yes I have done a search on the topic but couldn't find much mod pics of petite ladies with the Large Veneta, hence this thread :smile: just want to know if the large looks too overwhelming on petite frame despite the more casual look.
  4. i think you could easily wear either size.
    it would also depend on how much you want to carry. another thing to be aware of is that the zipper opening on the medium is small.
    do you have a boutique/ department store where you could try them on?
  5. I have recently bought the medium veneta and personally think it a good size for my 5' 3" height medium build. I tried the large veneta in the boutique and felt the shape was like a sail at my back when carried on the shoulder. The leather apparently does become very soft with wear and carrying stuff so it drapes against the body and looks good. However, I am a smallish bag person and find the medium more than sufficient to carry a full size wallet, key pouch, cosmetics bag, phone, 500ml water bottle, sunglasses case and a scarf - which is my maximum daily necessities. It also carries well into the evening- the large is more casual. IMo the medium looks better for the smaller frame, it drapes well too and the zip closure is good for travelling and security. I am enjoying my BV to the exclusion of my other bags - very light and comfortable day to night. GL with your choice!
  6. I think the large would overwhelm you. I am 5'4 with a petite build and I had the large Veneta for a very short time - it wrapped around me from the middle of my front to the middle of my back. I wanted to carry a bag, not have it carry me.

    I've had a number of medium Venetas, and find they fit me well and hold all that I need, as other posters have said it does for them.

    I do not have a mod pic, I'm sorry. And the weight difference in a BV Veneta is negligible, as they are all gloriously lightweight.

  7. I own the medium and wear it for both day and night. I must admit when I wear it during the day I need to refrain from placing too much in the bag because the contents start bursting and the bag loses the luxurious draping. For me, personally, I chose the medium because it just seemed so classic in size and classy looking when dressed up. I also found that the large size consumed my frame. (5'5") I tend to wear shoulder bags slung behind me and the large size it was just too much bag for me. The classic veneta is just that; classic!
  8. I have both medium and large. I'm 5'5" and my weight is around 127lbs (mainly muscles), but my clothes size for say BeBe (not sure where you are located) is size 0, 2 , XS.

    My Medium Veneta was my first, and I used it for more than 6 years (almost every day), and I carry lots of stuff. It was a purse that you can easily transition from day into night, and it didn't look small on me. It might help to look up Reese Withersppon's photos, she's about 5'1", and there are plenty of photos of her carrying her Nori Medium Veneta, and it looks great with her petite frame.

    I recently bought a Large Veneta, and I think it looks fine as well, but I do have a larger bust and a 'visible' behind that might help to offset the Large Veneta looking too huge on me. Good luck with your decision.
  9. I am 5'5", a bit overweight (not petite) and I love the medium Veneta. It holds everything I need to carry and it's easy to carry. If I carry bigger bags I tend to bump into people with them when they are on my shoulder. When I am trying to decide on a bag size that I can't see irl, I take a piece of brown wrapping paper and do my best to make a paper mock up of the bag. It gives me an idea of the proportion.
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  11. I hope I can help you make a decision. I'm under 5' and have a nero medium veneta and a pourpre large veneta. Here is a side by side comparison picture. I have the same amount of things in each bag. HTH and good luck deciding which to get!

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  12. Thank you all so much for your kind input, suggestions and mod pics! You have helped me a lot as there's no BV store in my city, I am leaning towards the medium size at this stage. Thank you so much for your help again :smile:
  13. klatte - welcome to BV (you too Gracie916 & sherylin)! I am 5'6" and plus sized. A Maxi looks huge on me. I use the large, it is a better proportion for me. I think more depends on your height. I know someone who is 5'9" and she rocks the Maxi.

    I love the Veneta hobo and you can not go wrong with this style.

    Which color Medium Veneta are you leaning toward? The blue one that saracaitlin is modeling is Indigo...isn't it beautiful?
  14. I have 5' and I have both, Medium & Large. The medium is more dressy and large is more casual. I love them both. I bought large in neutral color like black, grey, red rose (appla) & bought medium in catchy color such as hot pink, bright red. No weight difference that I noticed. It's easier to carry large since there is more space. I have to pack my medium in certain way so it does not look too full.
  15. Thank you! :smile: yes the blue one that saracaitlin is modelling is lovely and I have always drawn to the deep blue colour so much so that I have a few navy blue bags already lol. So I guess I will look for another neutral colour such as black or dark brown.
    Btw I am kind of leaning towards a Large size currently thanks to sherylin's modelling pics, really helpful!