Veneta ever go on sale?

  1. I am about to order my first BV in large ebano. I am going to order from since no tax and free shipping. Before I purchase I want to make sure I get the best deal. Does the veneta ever go on sale at dept store like sake, nm, etc?

    Also on Barneys the bag description is just brown. Is there more than one dk brown? I want to make sure I get ebano. Also there is one that says intrecciato and another that doesn't say that. What is intrecciato?

    Do you think I am making a good choice for color? From what I read ebano is more popular than nero. I can fit both colors into my wardrobe.

  2. the only way you will get an Ebano Veneta in any size on sale at at a BV boutique is if they discontinue the style
    BV has certain colors that are called Icon colors
    Nero, Ebano, Marmo, Ferro, Bianco ETC they never go on sale unless the style they are in is discontiuned.
    Try Bluefly since they discount about 20%
    at Saks you can wait for friends and family but I don't know if the Veneta ever goes on sale
    the Veneta goes on sale in seasonal colors but since in the US they have decided to buy wide instead of deep
    very few make it to sale
    there is a darker brown than Ebano called Moro but the Veneta was not produced in Moro
    Intrecciato is the name of the weaving process
    I have a Nero Large Belly Veneta and an Ebano Cervo Cocker.
    you can wear brown with black
    it is like wearing tabacco and black together
    love the combo very chic

    hope this helped yoy a little bit
  3. Thanks. Can u further explain the intrecciato weaving process?
  4. first they take a whole piece of leather and it is perferated by a machine in the pattern they are going to wearve. Then an artisan weaves the fettuce (long strips of leather) into the back piece. So not only do you get yards and yards of woven leather it is woven into a leather back.
    It is the beautiful weave
  5. So basically it is woven leather. But is there different styles? That's what I'm confused about. Bc the bags look exactly the same except one says intrecciato and the other doesnt. Thanks
  6. Without knowing the bags to which you refer, I'm not sure how to opine. There have been different (seasonal) versions of the Veneta produced. Intrecciato is the classic style, but it's not necessarily incorporated as part of the style name. The style name is "Veneta." "Intrecciato" can be applied to many bags, slgs, etc. Other Veneta styles had some variations in how they're designed, such as the Tornabuoni Veneta (woven, but with a twisted weave and goatskin fabrication). Check out the Reference section for more Veneta style examples.

    I will say this about shopping for BVs on department store websites. They are in many instances nonconforming to the BV naming and sizing conventions. Often they are plain incorrect. For example, there are several bags on Barneys website with "ottone" in the name, which is obviously incorrect. Ottone is a color, not a style name.
  7. That's where I was confused. Thanks so much!