Veneta? Ball? Campana? Sloane? - Which one?

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  1. I'm always quite intriqued by these 4, being rather similar in shape type. If you can only have ONE out of them (I know it's hard, but pls try) - which one would you choose and any reasons WHY? Your comments will help make my life very much easier ! :yes:
  2. I like the Sloane, because of the 2 rings. My 2 cents...
  3. Here's mine:

    Veneta – not only because it’s the classic BV but I really like the shape. The winning factor for me is that the medium size could be used for formal (work) and casual.

    Next favourite is the Sloane. I love the slouchy-ness of this bag, which looks amazing in person (esp pairing it with jeans and heels, HOT!). But this is too casual for work (with suits) and I typically like my bags to go from workdays to weekends. I may still be tempted. :p

    I am on the fence with the Campana and I simply do not like the Ball bag, possibly due to the shape.
  4. I've had a veneta and now I own ball bags..... My favorite is the ball bag.... then maybe after that is the sloane....
  5. I'm loving Ball..
  6. For me: Veneta.

    As already mentioned above I love that it's THE classic BV bag. I also like the design. I love being able to just toss all my stuff in, and it hold so much without looking messy.

    I'm having such a hard time choosing a second BV bag as the Veneta is really my favorite, but I don't know if I should try and branch out?
  7. I am torn on this one...Veneta and Sloane (sorry)
  8. Great question mlbags - I am about to purchase my first BV and have the exact same dilemma!!! It is so hard to choose! Even after seeing them all IRL, I am still undecided :shrugs:

    BUT I think I have decided my favs in this order - Sloane, Ball, Veneta, Campana. The Sloane is by far the most expensive though so is stopping me in my tracks a bit and hence why I am still not 100% sure which one to go for :confused1:

    Can some more ladies who own BV's chime in? :flowers:
  9. I have two of the four so I can only choose between them. I haven't tried the Veneta or Sloane in person yet.
    I have the Ball and the Campana and if I only enough time to save one of them from my burning house it would be the Campana- shush, don't tell the Ball. It's just a classier bag in my humble opinion- I carry the Ball for a day bag and the Campana for special occasions.
  10. I find everyone has such different thoughts...quite interesting.
  11. I would go with the Veneta myself. It is *the* classic BV bag and it goes great with many looks, casual, business casual, suits etc.:heart:
  12. Veneta. One word - Classic.
  13. I'm very intrigued by the campana, because of the magnetic closure/shape/double handle (i realize that i have a hard time going into zippered hobos like the veneta). i also don't particular care for the shape of the ball bag.
  14. I have a Sloane--love the slouchy and roomy style...
  15. the Sloane... love the shape, hobo-ish, un-structured slouchiness.