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  1. Hello fellow purse lovers, this subject has probably been discussed in the past so excuse the redundancy, but I was hoping to get sone advice on the Veneta. I am debating between the large and medium Shadow veneta and have not seen either in real life. Thoughts? I already have a large belly in ebano which I adore. Sometimes I think it's a bit oversized but at least I can lug all my junk with room to spare. My other consideration is a Chloe medium Marcie hobo.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. If you already have large Bottega Belly, I'd suggest medium size instead. My first veneta is Large Steel and if I get another one, that'd be a medium size Bottega. It is also a matter of preference too. I like to have various sizes even though large sizes are my preference. I believe large belly is a bit bigger in size than Large Veneta. I read it somewhere in this forum.
  3. The large Belly is quite big indeed. The large Veneta is not as large and could be dressed up a bit more than your large Belly.

    What several BVettes will say is the medium Veneta is quite a bit smaller and several use it for a night out or to carry a few things. So you could have some versatility there in terms of a smaller bag.

    I had a similar dilemma when selecting my first veneta. Here's the advice I got...

    I really really really like the large Veneta for me.
  4. I also have a large belly veneta
    I found that it is equal to the maxi veneta
    I find it is my every day work horse bag
    I carry lots of stuff
    including a kindle or book in either paperback or hard back and it still fits in my large belly
    if I were going to downsize from the large belly I would go to the large veneta
    reasoning being that I would still want the option of putting lots of stuff in my bag without it looking pregnant
    my friend has a medium veneta
    one day we took all my stuff and tried to fit it in
    everything mostly fit
    it was a tight squeeze
    after my wallet, cosmetic case, document cas,e cell phone charger, cell phone, and credit card case there wasn't enough room for even my kindle
    the maxi veneta was too wide the rounded corners of the belly were just fine
    I would go to the large
    I hear that shadow is a wonderful color
    good luck
  5. Hi! I just bought a Large Shadow Veneta, and I think it's a great size. I tried on the medium, and even though I don't carry many things at all in my bag, it still felt too small. I really think you should try them on, because I was originally going for the medium, but the second I tried it on, I realized it was too small and I needed to go with the large. Good Luck with your decision!
  6. Thanks so much for the advice! You are all so helpful.
  7. let us know what you decide
  8. I think the large is the perfect size. I only like the medium in bright seasonal colors.
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    I have a couple of large Venetas, and they are darker, or neutral colors. My one medium is in Orchid - a bright purplish pink. I do find that the large is just right sizewise and the medium is almost too small for me.

    I just saw Shadow in real life yesterday and it is a great grey color, you can't go wrong with anything in Shadow.
  10. I think transitioning into a large veneta from the large belly would be a lot more comfortable than going from large belly to medium veneta. . . the strap drop on the medium veneta is significantly shorter than that of the large veneta (so it will sit higher up under your arm) & , of course, way less interior space in the medium. The difference is enough that I even end up carrying a different set of accessories in the medium V than in the large V.
    More food for thought :smile:
  11. I finally decided to go with the large shadow Veneta! As some of you suggested I am going to wait to buy a medium sized one in a fun color. Seeing as how I am not a minimalist when it comes to shoving stuff into my purse I think the large size would be more practical for everyday use. Btw, has several BV bags (including the one I bought) for a discounted price! Thanks again for all your advice!