Venerating Vert Anis

  1. OK, so I'm basically someone who wears almost exclusively brown, black, tan though sometimes a smattering of some other color. My Birkin is black, my Kelly Marron Fonce and needless to say the tweedee perfectly matches my color scheme. So why oh why am I spending countless minutes (hours) staring at Orchid's Vert Anis Birkin (and some other vert anis bags in the members' reference section) and obsessing about vert anis? :shrugs: I'll tell you why- because it's just an amazing color which I think works year round and I suspect instantly perks up anything else you wear. :wlae: I can see it with black (of course) or blue but I can also see it with red, brown, purple etc.
    What is it about this color that's got me so ga-ga? :drool: Would it be a mistake to make my next Birkin purchase vert-anis?? :s How do those who have a bag in this color feels about its practicality, wardrobe matching etc? It probably gets noticed-- a lot-- is that a problem? :confused1: Does the Birkin of my dreams come in this green? :wondering Can a 48 year old frumpette find everlasting happiness with a color that makes her heart sing or will she regret going so bold when the dust settles? :greengrin: :?:
  2. I do love vert anis too. I too have the same colors as you and I am afraid to experiment. I would like to get a bag that's not black or brown. I am starting 'small' - I have a vert anis Karo on hold (don.t report me to H-annon!!) which I am picking up next week. Maybe we can encourage each other in LV.
  3. TV, I have to say that Vert Anis is one of my favorites--I highly recommend it with the chocolate stitching. It looks fantastic with brown, and it really does surprisingly go well with almost everything. I am a neutral-color clothing gal; hence, I go for the colored bags to spruce things up a bit. Now that the weather has gotten a bit dreary over here, I'm back to my black Birkin, but as soon as brown tones come into play, I pull it out. I really love the way it looks against denim and red as well. The color itself is a cheerful one, playful, etc. I really adore it and have had no regrets over this one....only that I didn't get it sooner! Another great "neutral" color is Rouge H to get your feet wet in the color pool. Not quite as bold as Vert Anis, but still lovely.
  4. I prefer chatruese because its less bright.
    But Vert anis is nice too !
  5. Taxvixen, I highly recommend vert anis as I find that the most exciting bag that I have is in this color - vert anis kelly with chocolate stitching. It is a fun and wonderful pop of color against colors like black, white, greys and browns, and also goes well with other colors like blue, yellow and pink... It's a v. wearable color!
  6. I saw a Vert Anis Kelly in togo and I must say it was STUNNING! That color is gorgeous, it is no wonder you are going ga-ga. :drool:
  7. Get vert anis... it's gorgeous...

  8. Yes, it's a very flexible & neutral colour which I grew to realise. I could not even think of giving it up when I viewed it at my local H store. Mind you, I passed on a noisette vache liegee sellier kelly!

    And I think the vert anis sellier Kelly is better looking than the retourne, simply because the outside stitching makes the contrast chocolate stitching stand out so much more. I have the retourne ....

    Kelly sisters.jpg
  9. Oh my God, mrssparkles!!!!! Look at the other beauty right next to your Vert anis Kelly:nuts: !!!!!!!!!! Is it indigo blue or what color is it? Look at that white stitching!!!:heart: :heart: :heart:
  10. Thalassa Blue :shame:
  11. Love your kellys mrssparkles! What are the sizes and leather of your two bags please?
  12. Hi heavenly,
    The vert anis is 32cm and is in Togo. The thalassa blue is in box calf and is 28cm.
  13. mrssparkles, thanks! I'm on the quest for my first kelly, and struggling with the multitude of combinations of size, colour, leathers..never mind hardware and construction! Very inspiring to see kellys posted here, esp since there are few and far between for view in the shop.

    Vert anis is one of the colours on my radar screen, even though i am generally a neutral/classic colour person. I've not seen a vert anis kelly in person before. Is togo the leather that this colour looks best in? How about hardware? Would appreciate any thoughts on this, thanks!
  14. heavenly,
    I need to tell you that I am no Hermes expert and so you have to ask the experts like hermegroupie, 24, Grands Fonds, gigi leung et al, if you want information like what leather is best for vert anis.

    I would also suggest that you visit your local Hermes store to check out the leather/colour swatches and judge for yourself.

    All I can comment on is that vert anis in togo is lovely. The colour is vibrant and I adore the togo grains which are more pronounced, compared to clemence's, which are flatter. And togo is a tad lighter than clemence.

    Vert anis is a cool "summery" colour, so I think palladium suits it best.
  15. mrssparkles, many thanks for your comments. I've looked at the leather swatch at Hermes, but it"s hard to visualise the bag from a small piece of leather.

    I'm new here, not entirely sure where's best to ask my question, or how. Are the experts mentioned above by mrssparkles in the house??? Would appreciate any advice ! Thanks.