veneers or lumineers in NY

  1. has anyone had any of these procedures done??? any pics??? pros and cons??? how long do they last???

    I have perfectly straight teeth...wore braces for 2 cavities...but want either lumineers or verneers...because I want bigger/whiter teeth!!!
  2. I've had veneers on my two front teeth since '93. My husband has some on his six front teeth. I did it because I had a small space b/w my two front teeth, that wasn't corrected after years of wearing braces. My husband has some discoloration on his teeth due to the bonding.

    I love my veneers although I don't think I would do it just to get bigger teath. Look at Hillary Duff. She looks horrible with her big teeth.
  3. id love to know more experiences as well since i need to get them, i have a degenerative tooth enamel problem where i have hardly any left now and my teeth chip and stain and are breaking down :sad: im gonna need these within the next 2 yrs...