Veneers...anyone out there have them?

  1. I was wondering if anyone had veneers put on their teeth?

    I just had my top gums lasered in August and then had eight veneers installed. I absolutely love them and have had no problems but I'd like to hear from anyone who has had great/bad experiences or has thought about getting them done.
  2. I had four porcelain veneers put on my four front teeth in April 2000. They were very white in the beginning. Very movie star smile. They have faded some, but they still are white. It's amazing what they've done for my smile. When I was four, I jammed my four front teeth on a coffee table while my aunt was babysitting. They never fully came down right, so that is the reason for the veneers.

    They were a wedding present from my parents. Well, the marriage didn't last, but at least my veneers did! ;)
  3. Were they porcelain? Mine are empress veneers and they are pretty white too. I do find they look natural though. My cosmetic dentist uses a woman in Vancouver who made Halle Berry's veneers. After he told me that I had really high expectations and she did a great job! Worth every penny.
  4. I had mine done last year, porcelain ones. I love them. My teeth had shifted, even though I had braces when I was younger. So instead of doing the braces thing again, I did veneers. Now my smile is perfect! :wlae:
  5. how much do they usually cost??? i'm quite interested but know nothing about them.
  6. Mine worked out to be about $1100 (Canadian $) per tooth. That includes all the x-rays, consultation, molds, prep, temporary's, permanent veneers, shaping, and follow ups. It's important to go to a cosmetic dentist who is really picky! I've heard that some people have sensitive teeth after but mine don't hurt at all. The strangest part for me was looking through the smile catalog. They have names for the smiles and there were over 15 to choose from.
  7. I'm also curious about veneers. How much did everyone else's cost?
  8. I had veneers put on my 2 front teeth, which were crooked and had bad porcelain fillings, several years ago. They weren't opaque, and this year they began to discolor from a leak at the seam in the back. So now I'm waiting for new veneers should be ready in a couple weeks) that will be opaque. Mine are $1100 each and that includes everything (x-rays, the impressions, follow-up visits,e tc.)

    I've been very happy with them--they can make a new smile for you by the way they shape the veneers to go over the original teeth.
  9. ive put veneers on two front teeth and four bottom last year, didnt have a big problem but my smile is great now and sparkly white. havent regretted it for a minute.
    mine cost 2000euros in dollars its about 2,500dollars
    whatever the cost it was really worth it:yes:
  10. I had porcelain vaneers done on most my teeth, for cosmetic purpose only. It cost me 20,000 which was about 1000.00 per tooth I figure. I'm so glad I saw this thread because it reminded me to have them cleaned. My dentist went for the most natural color, I would have perferred them whiter, but these are what I', stuck with for now. No problems w/ cracking at all. Now I just need to have my lips injected so I can really have that perfect smile:smile:
  11. I think $1,000 is about average...any less and I'd be worried about the prep and execution. This is not an area you want to cheap out on b/c if they are done wrong you are not getting your natural teeth back! My teeth are pretty white but still natural...I think it is because they are transparent at the bottom like real teeth, not solid white like older veneers I've seen.
  12. I got 6 porcelian veneers about 20 years ago, and they still look great!
  13. Your smile really matters so it's a lovely idea if your teeth aren't as great as they can be. A few of my flight attendant firnds have them and they look great.
  14. I have a couple of crowded teeth in front. I am going to go to a cosmetic dentist next week. I'm just not patient enough to go through the whole braces things I just hope they don't want to do all my teeth cause I really don't have 20G's.
  15. I don't have real "veneers", but my dentist used this white bonding material on my teeth to cover them up and make them look essentially like veneers. Much cheaper, and he did a fantastic job. I got them done about ten years ago and had them redone a year or so ago. They've been absolutely great, but I do have to make special appointments to get them polished twice a year or so, because they do tend to collect stains (from tea, cola, etc.) a little more than natural teeth do.