Velvetine bags from France - Iggy hobo

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  1. Hi all,

    I became obsessed with the Velvetine Iggy Hobo featured in InStyle this winter and have been on a massive purse-hunt to try to track it down. No other threads mention the brand so I thought I'd add one with the results of my stalking in case anyone else is searching!

    Here is the Velvetine website

    in the US, Velvetine bags are carried at
    Language in Chicago: [pre-ordering black and chocolate now for 3/15 delivery)

    Beacoup Amor in Houston: [have to call for availability but styles shown here online]

    Blue Bag in NYC: [SIZE=-1]ph (212) 966-8566 [call for availability]

    I have one preordered in Chocolate coming from Language. Can't wait!! :heart::heart:
    iggyblk.jpg iggygrey.jpg
  2. More pics of the Iggy in Cream and Gold
    iggycream.jpg iggygold.jpg
  3. incredibly chic, IMHO! Love it!
  4. This bag is gorgeous! :heart:
  5. very unique! i would love to see it modeled IRL
  6. At long last, pics of my Chocolate Velvetine Hobo!

    I will have to wait on modeling pics until my photographer returns... but for now here you are!

    The close up of the needlenose closure gives a sense of the leather... smooth but a little "veiny." I saw a Tod's dark brown hobo bag recently and the leather was almost identical.

    The side pic gives a sense of the thinness of the bag.

    really loving this bag - meets my refined boho aesthetic really well!
    velv1 (Medium).jpg velv (Medium).jpg velv2 (Medium).jpg velv3 (Medium).jpg
  7. Thank you for posting! That bag is gorgeous, the essence of hippy chic! I'm going to have check out the sites you posted above.
  8. I love it!! It looks very comfy too!

  9. wow thanks for posting! i love those hippie bags :biggrin:

  10. thanks guys!

    i also wanted to add that the last pic (the profile pic) shows the color that is most true to life!
  11. So gorgeous! How long is it? I've been coveting this one awhile, but I'm worried it might be too long for my petite frame. (I'm 4'10--my [white with brown trim] Coach Daphne wears like a shoulder bag!) I'll abandon it if either it goes down to my knees, or if I can't figure out a way to justify looking silly!

    Thank you in advance!
  12. FINALLY!!!!
    jandelvis -
    I can totally understand how you are "diggin" that bag! The quality of the leather, shape and "vibe" is totally cool! The slouch factor is just GREAT - and I really like how slim it is.....AND, of course the million dollar long is it???
    Also - how does it open?

    Iggy? Hmm, Iggy Pop?????
  13. nice bag!! i too fell in love with it after seeing it in lucky!
  14. I JUST BOUGHT A VELVETINE TODAY!!! i love, love, LOVE it.

    i would go into the shop (verve in NYC) and look at it every time i walked by.

    but it was $688!!! then today it was on sale and i was like OH HELL IM DOING IT!

    (i'm going to be scrambling to have a tagsale on eBay tomorrow)

    I will take pics and put them up. :smile:
  15. Spielberg1 I am both envious and very happy for you. Ever since I first saw this thread I have been dreaming about Velvetine bags, and the model shown here in particular. The price is simply out of my range, but I will keep diligently searching for a sale!