Velvet wear and tear?

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  1. Hi ladies- anyone worh some insight as to the wear and tear of the Gucci velvet bags? I am contemplating either the small Marmont or preordering the clutch, both in velvet. But, I have never owned a velvet handbag and would love to hear any experience with velvet in general or the marmont specifically? Thank you!

    IMG_7835.JPG IMG_7838.PNG
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  2. anyone? would love some insight :smile:
  3. I feel like the Ambassador for Velvet in this sub forum ;)
    I love velvet and I'm a bit of a collector - clothes, shoes, bags. I've posted a lot regarding the velvet Marmonts. I bought the three original colours when they first came out so I've had them for a while. But I don't use them daily and I take care when I use them because I want to keep them for a long time. So far they're great and the berry pink and petrol colours are stunning in real life. The velvet clasp on the flap will show signs of use if it's handled a lot or handled roughly.
    A velvet clutch is asking a lot of velvet - greasy hands, wet hands, putting it down on unknown surfaces. Etc. That's my concern with the velvet Dionysus clutch. That said, I can't stop thinking about the Rose pink one with black crystal clasp.
    I hope this helps a little. Velvet can't be expected to cope with life as a handbag as well as leather does, but it's not cobweb delicate either :smile:
  4. thank you so much for your input! I really appreciate it, because my thought process was that the clutch would hold up better - not rubbing up against clothing while being worn - but you bring up an excellent point that it seems like the majority of wear and tear on velvet pieces comes from the handling of the velvet, not so much from the wearing of it - if that makes any sense?
  5. You're welcome! I hope someone who's been getting a lot of wear out of their velvet Marmont chimes in with more specific intel on how the bag is bearing up after regular use.
    Yes handling is key. Bad spillage (obviously) and rubbing against rough clothes (hardware on leather jackets or seamed pockets on suede for example) will hurt velvet but hands covered in oils etc wear down the nap. It is meant to age softly and gracefully though, not remain looking as perfect as day one. It's part of the boho-lux appeal, to look a little loved and handed down.
    Also, the same bugs (or their close relatives) that want to eat your clothes will eat through velvet nap too so store with a moth protecting strip.
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  6. Chiming in here! How is the wear and tear on the velvet now? I am thinking about a crossbody velvet bag for my everyday bag but worried that the velvet will wear away where it hits my body? Have you had this happen?
  7. I would also like to see some of the marmont Velvet bags.
    I can imagine they don't look that good for a Long time especially the back of the bag rubbing again the Body and clothes.
  8. Good question... I am considering the Gucci velvet shoes with the fur and have the same concerns... can't wait to hear ideas and suggestions.
  9. Hi there! I love velvet, especially the Marmont. The oldest bag wise Marmont I have in velvet is a little over a year old. I will say I wear it often as it’s the Gucci green color so it goes perfectly with many outfits. I find the bag comfortable and you could say at least 2-3 times a week I might use it. I’m including pics (along with the velvet matching shoes) for you to zoom in on. The pics look worse then the condition lol as the lighting seems to really work against velvet. I feel the bag and the shoes wear well (and I don’t baby my things as I fully enjoy them lol) but I’d be concerned about a clutch as it’s always in the hand. The chain on the bag I think is important so the bags not “handled” as much. All in all they are all such deep beautiful colors! Hope this helps somewhat!
    799AF67E-9AC7-429D-96E3-9F9D684F6740.jpeg 0C6E9CA1-271C-41BA-8EC0-D8D103A354B0.jpeg
  10. Love your green velvet Marmont bag and those amazing shoes !
    I agree that velvet usually looks much better in real life because it’s difficult to photograph but your bag looks perfect.
  11. Thanks for the kind words! Yep, so hard to photograph indeed!
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  12. Your bag and shoes both look perfect!
  13. Absolutely love your bag and shoes. :heart:
  14. Thank you so much! :smile:
  15. Thank you :smile: