Velvet Spy bags...

  1. Hi all,
    I was looking at purchasing a black velvet Fendi Spy for my girlfriend... (was initially going to get a balenciaga but couldnt find the color i wanted)...

    Is black velvet very hard to maintain or any color other velvet for that matter? What is the longevity on a velvet bag if looked after?

    I'm just worried that there may be abrasion if worn on the shoulder, water may damage it etc... but I really like the looks of it compared to my other choices (chocolate, white)...

    And ladies, do you feel that a velvet bag would feel 'less substantial' than leather? If you were buying someone a gift which would you buy??

    I know these may sound like silly questions... but as a guy I have no clue... :shrugs: and its not like I can ask anyone except all you lovely people on this forum...

    Thanks everyone!


  2. Well it depends. The velvet, I would think, would limit wearing options. It seems like it would be pretty dressy compared to the leather ones. I do agree with you that the velvet would be more delicate. Velvet can crush and pick up stains pretty easily.

    Does your girlfriend just not like leather bags? Or did she specifically ask for a velvet Spy? Any Spy is a good Spy, but I would think leather would be more versatile.

    Oh and let me just say, how sweet are you to be getting your gf such an awesome gift?!
  3. Think you are sweet to. The velvet spy is lovely but picks up bits of fluff, lint etc so it might not be the most practical bag but stunning. They do a leather Wisteria version which is lovely, comes in honey or white lovely bag, Saks have them on their website or you can see a lot of spys on they sell authentic bags and post worldwide. They also have the velvet on their.
  4. I agree with Saich. I have a black velvet Fendi Selleria bag & it is a dust magnet, but I do get complements. Leather Spy is a better choice...;)

    Also, while they say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, the way to a woman's heart is through a Spy Bag!!! What an awesome & generous gift. :nuts:
  5. Very nice to get her a spy, but I wouldn't get her velvet, especially when it's about to be summertime. IMHO, that is a very wintery bag, and she wouldn't get much use out of it until at least the fall. Also, I def agree the leather is more durable. Personally, I would much prefer to get a leather bag.
  6. ITA with everyone else ... I would prefer a leather spy over the velvet one!
  7. I personally prefer the velvet over the leather any day of the week. The drawback with velvet is that after much usage, it is prone to balding in areas. As a result, you can see patches where worn. Some leather blushes and fade also, but is relatively more durable. I would opt for the leather.

    That said, if she wants the velvet, get her the one she wants. Gifts are not only about what we like, but really about what the other person does.

    Good luck and what a wonderful bf you are! :smile:
  8. I think velvet is gorgeous but the dust and the fear of water getting on it, sometimes I wonder how much of a headache it is to take care of expensive bags. But if it's something that you know for sure she'll love, I will say go for it. Unless she's a more practical person who uses her bags daily, I will suggest going for leather instead.
  9. Thanks everyone for the informative replies!
    I have opted to go for the velvet black... (despite most people's favor of the chocolate) love how it looks very 'femme fatale' suits the nature of the spy bag very well I think. And my gf is very careful with everything she owns and doesn't take her bags for granted. Plus I'm in Australia and it's winter here so I think the velvet would be perfect. Perhaps in summer I may get her a more practical leather one...
    Feel a bit guilty for going against most people's opinions :sweatdrop: and thank you for all the compliments :blush:


  10. As I just mentioned in your other thread I saw the velvet in black last week and even with it being in a cabinet, you could see little bits of dust on it. As saich said it picks up fluff and dust so easily. I would only get it if she has a few leather spys and wants something different.
  11. kavnadoo,

    Because youre warning me against it not once, but twice, I am having serious second thoughts... Thanks for warning me just before i finalised the purchase... will consider the choc again... argghh... cannot decide!!

    Guess I won't be sleeping again tonight... again :crybaby:
  12. Lol... you poor thing. Where abouts in Australia are you? Cos I would love to know where you are getting the bag. The only place I know that has spy bags in stock at the moment is Luisa on Collins St in the KPMG building. They have the black velvet.
  13. I must add wooju.... that any guy wo has the guts to join a predominantly female forum about handbags to research for his partner deserves a HUGE pat on the back. I hope you tell your girlfriend the lengths you went to to get the perfect gift!
  14. If you think she will love the velvet, then get her the velvet!
  15. I personally would shoot my DH for getting me a velvet one. I hate to phrase it that way but leather is definitely a better choice for a gift. Velvet is something that definitely has to be a personal choice. For example a lot of people don't wear velvet because it just isn't a practical material and it doesnt suit everyone.
    Good luck with the gift. I'd definitely go with a safer choice for a gift purchase tho because usually someone wont tell you if they don't like something. The only bags I personally wont sell are the ones DH buys me so he knows to make very safe choices. LOL

    If she's specifically asked for it, then get it... but otherwise I'd go with something else.