velvet or not to velvet!?


Sep 9, 2013
Hey all of you fellow bag lovers!!

It has been so long since I've posted in purse forum but I need some advice on a bag situation I find myself in. I already have a medium gucci marmont in the nude colour but I've had my eye on the black velvet one for a while now and I just can't decide weather to buy it or not, would it be silly to have two of the same bags!? Also does anyone have any experience with the velvet and how it wears?

any opinions welcome! xx


May 30, 2014
I'm not trying to talk you out of it but my mom had a velvet clutch bag that she babied, kept it in its dustbag during spring and summer etc. Somehow just sitting on a shelf, all these horrible creases appeared in the velvet and we could not figure out if it was due to something leaning on it or what. She could never remove them. She over stuffed, wet and steam-NOPE! nothing worked. I now stay away from all things velvet-blazers, shoes and bags. I'm sure more info is online on how to remove them but I never buy velvet, so I haven't taken a looksee. I'm not trying to be a debbie downer, I swear. Just be careful with velvet.
Feb 13, 2006
I think if you buy it, you should have enough expendable income that you wouldn't care too much if the velvet got messed up. I really really love the velvet, but have to watch what I spend on bags/clothing/etc., so my money goes to bags that would stand the test of time better.


Jewellery and Cruising Addict!
Apr 13, 2013
I don't think the velvet is practical for everyday. I would rather choose a leather handbag.