Velvet Knot and a little something else

  1. I finally decided to pull the trigger and get the plaster velvet Knot that I fell for in F/W 2011

    She arrived today and is shown posed with Gemma the bear
    gemma&Knot.jpg gemma&Knot1.jpg gemma&Knot2.jpg
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    There are some apricot undertones that I did not expect. This Knot is quite pretty.
  3. Gemma also wanted you to see the Fire Opal zip around wallet that followed me home from the NM sale :graucho:

    This is a nice bright pop of color!
  4. Two gorgeous additions! :love:
  5. OMG, such gorgeousness! Fire Opal is my new fav BV color, and that knot... Very classy and elegant, with those different shades... gives it a rich and lovely depth of color...

    Congrats to Gemma for her modeling prowess! Brava!
  6. Very nice choices, jburgh. Both are beautiful
  7. Gorgeous! Gorgeous! I want to pet that knot! The wallet goes without saying. (My favorite color.) I can just picture it in your violet cabat! Enjoy in good health.
  8. The Velvet Karung knot is divine!. That entire velvet and Karung line from 2011 is so beautiful irl! Gorgeous! Fire Opal, another great color! Thanks for sharing!
  9. Congrats it's very beautiful :smile:
  10. JBurgh,

    Gorgeous additions to your BV collection. I do need to make a knot my next BV addition in support of my BV addiction. You are now officially deemed Mousse's naughty knot enabler.

  11. Oh my what a unique knot! :heart:

    The zip around wallet is on my list to conquer ASAP! Lovely acquisitions!!
  12. Gorgeous!
  13. Divine!!!!
  14. JBurgh, as a BV newbie...I am curious how you managed to find such a unique knot. I just learned BV tends to sell very quickly in spite of its high price
  15. jburgh, both are wonderful, but that knot is GORGEOUS! I thought I got over my desire to have the resina velvet knot... well, it's back after seeing your pictures.