Velvet dilemma!! Help!

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  1. I'm obsessed with velvet bags right now and I can't decide between these 3!




  2. So torn! They're all so gorgeous! I'll have to go back and try the ysl one again. Thank you
  3. Love velvet bags, love the darker or bright colored ones though, not as keen on the tan color.
  4. Which one do you think looks best on you and is unlike anything in your collection? I think the color of the petrol Gucci looks best on you but am unsure if the silhouette of the camera is flattering given the picture of you wearing the taupe.

    I had a similar dilemma as although I have leather marmonts, I was never really interested in the velvets until the taupe came out this season. It took me a several weeks of trying on various styles to finally discover the best fit. Originally, I assumed I wanted the taupe camera as I had decided against the leather flaps when I bought my pearly stud leather camera marmont; however, for me I didn't find the velvet cameras as impressive or flattering on me. I then shifted to the flaps, but was unsure if I preferred the mini or small in petrol, pink or taupe. I briefly considered the velvet toy loulou, but opted against it for a variety of reasons. Ultimately, I decided on the small velvet marmont flap.... in the raspberry pink as it was just more beautiful and surprisingly versatile on me than the taupe (which in that size, I liked my brown pepper SL Niki better.)

    Good luck!
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  5. I don't have any brown purses, so I thought the taupe would be perfect with the creams and nudes I'm into wearing this season, but I was kinda surprised at how chunky the camera bag is in real life? I agree that it isn't the most flattering on me since it hits pretty low when it isn't cross body:sad: if it was a little smaller and shorter it would be perfect !

    As for the blue, I was unexpectedly drawn to that color after I saw it on the shelf... I have NOTHING like that color in my collection either!

    Can I ask what you didn't like about the velour loulou ? I'm really considering that one as well as the blue camera bag
  6. I really like the blue. It will pair with your browns as well. Beautiful bag!
  7. Love the ysl loulou ♥️ Looks so luxurious
  8. Thank yoh!!! Just to clarify, the ysl or the blue Gucci?
  9. Ahh!! Thank you!
  10. YSL but only because I am more partial to the shape and I agree that it can be dress up or down. I think velvet requires structure
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  11. I decided against the velvet loulou currently as I didn't want a permanent inside divider as I find that a bit limiting in my other toy loulous and medium colleges in my collection. I also found the velvet small marmont flap to be more versatile in that regard and overall style-wise (dress up/down and all season).

    But who knows, I may revisit the velvet loulou again come sale season as I find myself perpetually adding and removing it from my wishlist.:-s
  12. Tough one! I think tan bags are hard to come by (I’m waiting for a tan leather YSL to come out with the monogram logo in gold hardware) so there’s a vote towards that but at the same time I think any YSL is a more classic bag than the Gucci marmont. I vote the Lou Lou for that reason. I think it’ll be a bag you’ll still love in a decade.
  13. I agree! I'm into the whole nude and beige clothing look right now and I've been looking for a beige bag to go with my outfits.. But I tried the Gucci on the other day and I didn't realize how chunky it is? It looks really clunky on me :sad: I already ordered the beige and it's supposed to arrive tomorrow. I might exchange it for the ysl loulou