Velo vs Day

  1. I am going for the Cassis but I love the color of this bag. Good that you have others like this.:smile:
  2. Cassis looks really lovely and very versatile. I actually sold ALL my Sanguine bags and have just the Sanguine GSH EC left. I miss them but I had too many red bags. I have Pourpre City left, which is super wearable too. Rere describes Cassis as a Sanguine/Pourpre-like hybrid....sounds divine! You will get lots of use out of that color. Pls post a mod shots when you get yours.
  3. Hi all, thank you for all your comments.. :hugs:
    I'm obviously not digging the Day style at all and I have decided to keep my Velo for now and see what can I do with the long strap~ probably switch strap with my City~ though they are not the same color but who cares!! :sunnies
  4. Good thinking! I have also thought of switching straps on my bags.
  5. yah, you should try at least.. :biggrin:
    I just went out with my Velo paired with city strap :p
    it works great~ I can reach into the bag easily