Velo strap is breaking within a few days...

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  1. I just got a Velo last week and I bought it because I love how versatile it is to be carried cross-over the body, looks good over the shoulder with double-loop and as a tote.

    I brought out the beloved velo less than 5 times this week, not even in half full load, and most of the time I use double-loop strap over the shoulder.

    To my horror, I found the half-way mark of the strap which happens to be where the strap loops is breaking! I can understand marking / creasing, but torn?

    I am wondering if any of Velo owner is having the same problem.
    It is a sad thing to me since I love it in double-loop style for daily wear :sad:

    Does it mean I can't use it double-loop way?

    I am going to bring the strap over to Bal store and ask if they can exchange it, which i doubt they will.

    Not sure what I can do to fix it

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  2. I would go back to the store, Asap! The sooner the better because i think they could fix it.
  3. I would see if Bal can repair/replace it but it looks like the rings are hitting the strap right at its weak point when you double loop so if I were you, I would not continue to double loop.

    See if you can purchase a shorter strap.
  4. I would go back ASAP to where you bought it so you can get a replacement strap. I don't double the strap up on mine, but looking at where the seem is it looks like the ring would be hitting the strap at it's weakest point right on the seem. I've seen other girls with the strap double looped on the velo maybe they'll chime in and let you know if they had that problem too.
  5. I brought back the strap to the store and the SA will send it for waxing.
    Not sure if waxing will help in a long run.

    She also advised that the strap is not meant for carrying a heavy load for a long time (cross-over body), only when in the time we need a 'hands free' moment and advised to use the handles instead. :confused1:

    I bought this primarily for traveling purpose which means the strap will be used most of the time.
    Wouldn't it defeat the purpose of having cross-over body strap if all the time we need to use it as a tote?

    I guess i will just have to be very very careful with the strap .
  6. I didn't realize Bal set time limits on how long to carry their bags a certain way! (I doubt they do, the SA just said what they thought would push the blame on the customer.)

    If an item, no matter what it is, is designed with a specific feature, it should be expected that that feature will be used, and maybe a lot since that might be the very reason the item is being purchased, imo.
  7. I agree with *kemilia*; I think the S/A is giving you a bunch of BS! However, that being said .. the design of this bag was to be with the strap worn messenger style (typically across the body). I know some folks have had the strap shortened, but I do not believe it was by Balenciaga (might want to look at thread on this).

    I would definitely recommend that the strap be replaced if possible; 'waxing'?!?! .. never ever heard of that and I don't think it would resolve the problem.
  8. That SA is full of it - paying 1k plus for a bag it should work well carried in the way you need it to be carried.
    I never heard of waxing leather either - does anyone know what that is?
    But I guess you really should not double up the strap - I would get a cobbler to shorten it for you.
  9. Too bad they don't have any more velo on that colour when I complained about it. I will definitely scrutinize the strap once they ask me to collect it again.
    Looks like they try to solve it locally first by sending it to local cobbler and avoid bringing the matter up to Balenciaga.

    All I know about waxing is to put the strayed stitches back on shape.
    I did it to the handle of my city where the stitches were loose and it did wonders, don't think it will work on a torn leather.

    @Nancy in VA, that was I told them. I am not paying $2k just to get a torn strap within a week no matter how I carry it. I have not even started abusing the velo as much as I abused my city.

    @CeeJay, are right. I believe the strap will be fine if it's used cross-body style and not double-loop.
    In this case, they shouldn't display it in the store as double-loop and makes me think I can wear it that way, when the half-way mark stitching is actually brushing against the O-ring and causing it torn. Just my thought on this and lesson is learnt.

    Hope they will return the strap back in near perfect condition soon...