velo or giant for laptop?


Jan 6, 2010
Hi! love the balenciaga bags and want one for work... only trouble is that i need to carry around a 15`laptop... would any of the work? have to fly in to the nearest town who has a store..... :smile:


Apr 5, 2009
The velo might fit depending on the over all detentions, it could be a very tight squeeze. I ahve a 17 in laptop and it's a lot bigger than a velo. However if your lap top has a battery pack that sticks out most likely not. Another thing to consider is the weight of your laptop. My laptop is bigger and it has a battery pack that sticks out honestly I wouldn't use a Bbag to carry mine it's simply too heavy and I'd be worried that it might ruin the bag. Also if it's heavy it might not be very comfortable to carry your laptop in a Bbag. I think it would work in a Work however going back to the comfort issue the Work doesn't have a shoulder strap only handles and I think that would be very uncomfortable JMO. Maybe those with smaller laptops will chime in.


Feb 10, 2010
New York
^^ I agree with this. I have a velo and I don't think I would carry my 13" macbook in it on a regular basis because of the weight. I think any laptop unless it is VERY light would really strain the leather, especially because the bag is meant to be slouchy and unstructured anyway. Maybe you could put some kind of reinforcement lining in the bottom to make the bag sturdier, but otherwise I would get bag meant for laptops and carry your Bal on the side.


Oct 5, 2008
To be honest, I think a Velo couldn't fit a 15" laptop. Even if it does, it wouldn't zip properly. The Work definitely would though.

Regardless, I agree with the posts above. I wouldn't carry a laptop in my Bbag. I once carried (or tried to carry) my small 11" netbook in my City but after two minutes, I took it out right away because it just wasn't suitable for it and I could "feel" the handles stretch. :shocked:
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Feb 21, 2010
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^^Agree with all the posts above. Having owned a Velo… I know would not have even been able been able to fit my 13" macbook in there. I think you could in one of my Works… but then it would be tight for everything else and you are putting terrible strain on the handles. If you want a Bbag for a workhorse get a used one from a good year… '07, in good condition and don't be afraid to use it knowing you will run it into the ground :yes:


Jan 6, 2010
:sad: I understand what you are saying... It just that I carry around a macbook pro 15`all day and still want to have a gorgeous bag and bbag just seemed to fit the bill.... any other suggestions?


Mar 20, 2010
I use my Pompon for my 13" MacBook Pro. I also put it in my WEs very comfortably. Both bags can take (and distribute) the weight really well, so it is pretty comfortable and I think they look great. They are my workhorse bags that I don't baby at all and plan to use forever. They can hold a laptop and some other things very comfortably without putting too much strain on the bag or my back. :smile:


Jun 18, 2008
magic land
I don't know if a 15" laptop can fit into a velo, but I use my GH PT to carry my 15" laptop. GH bags are actually quite sturdy because the leather seems thicker on those. I was a bit nervous first but now the leather of my PT has broken in really nicely because of the weight. Quite a pleasant surprise. :biggrin:
^^Interesting that you can fit a 15" laptop into your PT. I can't comfortably zip my PT with a 13 inch MacBook Air in it, at least not without seriously distorting the base of the bag.

Here are some comparison pics I took with my MacBook Air vs a Courier, Work, City, PT, Velo and Day.

My 13.3 inch MacBook Air vs a Work and a Courier

In a Part Time

In a City

In a Velo

In a Day

In all, I'd have to agree with the earlier posts about NOT using Bal as a laptop bag. Get a laptop case/bag to put your laptop in. If I have to carry a 15 inch laptop all over the place, I'd just use a backpack - more comfortable.

1. While the Work and Weekender (WE) are big enough to put a 15 inch MacBook Pro in, the weight can be quite hefty when you factor in the weight of the usual stuff you lug around. Carrying it on your shoulder or in your hands will not help matters, because the weight is not evenly distributed, and probably give you a backache.

If you intend to get a GH Work or GH WE, the bag itself is already quite heavy (at least compared to their RH counterparts), so you definitely would not want to carry an extra weight in the form of a 15 inch laptop in it and make yourself miserable.

2. It's a matter of personal preference - while the Pom Pon and Courier can fit a laptop, I'd choose not to use them.

The Pom Pon has a circular base which means there's no place where my laptop can 'rest' against, like it does in a bag with a rectangular frame like the Work for example. That irks me as the laptop falls all over the place.

The Courier is quite an unstructured style, where the leather just folds upon itself and falls into a squishy puddle. When you add in a laptop, the aesthetics are spoilt. Plus if you carry the Courier crossbody, the presence of a laptop makes the bag stiff, and it doesn't hug your body as well, making it uncomfortable. That irks me too.
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