Velo or City RH; Black or Anthra?


Feb 20, 2008
Hi, which bag would you suggest for a first Bal Bag? like the Velo coz it can hold more (fits A4 docs) and has crossbody strap but find the shape too squarish. City seems more elegant but I find the shoulder strap quite short.
Is Velo a permanent style or not?
Which color do you prefer? Already have a lot of black bags so I'm leaning towards Anthra but I want one that doesn't fade easily and that would look new in a longer period of time. The black seem to have fewer lines than the Anthra. Do you think Anthra would also age well?
Thanks in Advance!
Jun 11, 2009
Anthra RH city:smile: Go to a store and check out the leather personally esp if you're set on a certain type of leather cos the leather varies considerably even within colors:smile:

I think Anthra ages well in that the color (in my case) not so much fades but I think certain undertones tend to become stronger, mine is considerably more blue-toned now. Even black will fade over time!!:smile:

I prefer anthra over black cos anthra can still match almost everything without being boring like black!


Apr 5, 2009
I agree it's always best to try them on first, but I realize that may not be a option if you don't have any stores near you that carry Bal. Personally I vote for Anthra Velo. It's one of the bags on my list to get this year. I have a City and the strap is way too short to be worn cross body (for me at least). While the Velo is square the city is pretty square in shape too, the Velo is just a bigger square. I don't know if you've considered it but the Part Time is similar to the city it has more of a east west look but once it's broken in it really doesn't look that different than a city. It comes with a longer strap that some girls are able to wear cross body. I however don't know if it's big enough to carry A4 docs.


Apr 23, 2006
I think Anthra will be nicer. I was in the store & I see how beautiful Anthra is compared to black. My first dark color bbag will be Anthra I was debating between black & anthra earlier, but I would go with anthra.