Velma Kelly's Collection

  1. Here are a few of my favorite things...
    Happy Holidays!
    Love Velma
    Collection.jpg Collection 2.jpg Collection 3.jpg Collection 4.jpg
  2. Nice collection. I love your B Bag. :heart:
  3. Very nice stuff!
  4. great range of bags
  5. amazing collection!
    thanks for sharing
  6. Awesome collection ... love the le fab!
  7. wow.. you've got a lot of nice stuff.. keep it up!
  8. Yummy collection Velma and you said you just started your collection a year ago. I'm impressed and drooling over your LeFab; great color! Congrats and thanks for sharing.:heart:
  9. Love the collection!!!
  10. Nice collection. :heart:
  11. Very nice collection-
  12. Great collection, you have some stunning LV's in there!
  13. Love your collection. Your le fab is stunning, one day I'll own one too.
  14. You have a gorgeous LV collection!!
  15. Beautiful collection ... especially love that le fab (hopefully one day I can add one to my collection)!