Veiny, what does it look like?

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  1. I'm curious about why many ppl refer to the 06 leather of Balenciaga bag as veiny? What does it mean, actually, for the leather to be veiny (pictures comparing with, say 05 leather would be greatly appreciated)? And are the leather of the rust orange color (I believe it is prefall color) considered veiny? Thanks
  2. I would say my 06 ink first is veiny. Attached is a photo comparing the ink leather with my black 04, can you see the difference?

    I am thinking of using lubriderm on the ink but I haven't worked up the nerve to do it just yet.
    DSC_0137.jpg DSC_0138.jpg
  3. Veiny usually means that the lines of the leather are more prominent - I find even in the 06's, there is quite a bit of variation. For example, I saw both non-veiny to really veiny/shiny blacks, and I found overall that the caramels from the spring were quite veiny.

    I did find the rusty colors like grenat and rouille a bit veiny in the store.

    That being said, the "veins" and that extra shine do go away with use and they really soften/smoosh up... here is my S/S 06 black, and the front and back are like baby smooth, but the sides still have some veining.
    IMG_1708.JPG IMG_1710.JPG
  4. wow, i :heart: your '06 black city tweetie, she looks like mine, soft & smooshy!!!
  5. I know with some designer bags there is a certain look that is desired. For instance, most Chloe Edith owners want their bags to be scrumply, pebbled and "smooshy" instead of smooth and stiff.

    Is a veiny bbag considered good or bad?
  6. welp, it's all a matter of personal preference, i like mine veiny & shiny (but not too veiny), and other girls prefer the matte look :girlsigh:
  7. Thanks for posting pics. I never knew what veiny really meant, now I know.
  8. mocc, here's another black vs. ink first photo that i took recently :yes:...i actually ended up returning the ink to "Barney's" because she was too veiny (bet you never thought you'd hear me say that girls!!!) :P
  9. i agree, aaallabama that's definately too veiny for my taste
  10. I agree too! Very V! My 06 black City is very smooth, thick-feeling leather, yet smooshy and matte. It's the nicest Bal leather I have ever seen!
  11. no money, I envy you right now I'm anxious for my city to arrive! great minds do think alike do you have pics of your city?
  12. Thanks aaa! The leather is beautiful on her - she's softened up so nicely. I use her daily as my new work bag, and she's so smooshy now :wlae:
  13. Here are pics of 3 of my bbags. All of them are fairly veiny as the s/s 06 bags were. I love them.
    black balenciaga.jpg Dusty Rose Day.jpg origan twiggy.jpg
  14. Thanks everyone :smile: