Veiny inks...

  1. To all the ladies who own veiny inks: how do they wear? When I've seen them in stores, they don't look as rich as the smooth-leather inks:heart: , and the color variations are not as visible in them... the SAs say that the shine goes down and the leather gets smoother - would you say that's true? does the wonderful nature of ink make itself more apparent?
    I know that some of you prefer the more distressed bags - I happen to love the smooth - but beggars can't be choosers at this point of ink deficiency and I wonder if I should go for a bag that isn't quite what I want in hopes that it would break in to be closer to what I want :confused1:
    Thanks all :love:
  2. I had a very veiny ink and therefor I apple garde and sprayed her. Honestely you wouldn't think that's the same bag because those veins were like a nice distressing after the conditioning. Here are some before and after pics.
    1. is veiny and shiny before Apple
    2. is after Apple, all veins changed into a very nice distressed leather
    So I'd say that veins don't have to be a bad thing.:smile:
    B-bagink2.JPG inkalt5.JPG
  3. gorgeous Tanja! In both pix, just gorgeous! i'm a wee bit jealous now....:crybaby:
  4. I love veiny ink! more than the smooshy ink. It's just so interesting and showcases the amazing ink color better. I want more veiny inks!
  5. Deco, you mentioned in another thread that you have one veiny and one smooth ink - any chance you could post comparison pics? :heart:
  6. Will do. I'll post from home tonight.
  7. Thanks deco :heart: :love:
  8. when I receive mine, i took it out of the box it was VERY shiny and veiny...(i don't hate it, i actually like it) But i was hoping the shinyness would go away... i had it now for... a week and half?... well it's becoming softer, not as shiny and the leather is becoming more even!!

    I think with wear it'll become softer & less shiny!! and the color is beautiful!!
  9. I agree with Tanja....the ink first I had transformed into a totally different bag after I massaged it with apple lotion. I sold that bag, but I'll always miss the incredible leather I had after the lotion process.
  10. When I first received my ink purse, it was veiny and shiny. But after some lovin' w/ apple lotion and usage, it has become smooshier and the veins have softened. I'll post a pic when i get a chance.
  11. i have owned several ink bags and they always look spectacular after some lubriderm or appleguard. deco has one of them and it's very smooth and the veins became gorgeous distressing after appleguard. ink is wonderful, that's all i can say.
  12. where can you buy the apple lotion?? my ink is super shiney
  13. ok here goes, as promised. I'm telling ya, I like the shiny, veiny one better.
    CIMG0441.JPG CIMG0442.JPG CIMG0443.JPG
  14. three more
    CIMG0438.JPG CIMG0439.JPG CIMG0444.JPG