veiny 07 black city....need help!

  1. ladies,

    i'm getting a black city real soon cuz i can't wait any longer!! so it's gonna be a 07 black city,

    here goes the story,

    i saw one at the store and it's a bit shiny and veiny
    personally i don't know if the look is really called "veiny", or maybe it's just distress (cuz it's not too marbled or cracks so much that it's more grey-ish)


    do u ladies think a black city looks okay with veins and shine?

    how is 07 black leather? (i can't really tell if it's thick or not)

    will the veins and shine sort of smooth out and disappear in time?

    will the next season 07 black be any different? (any prediction??)

    and finally, if u were in my shoes, what would u do???

    i really appreciate all your inputs TIA!!!:love:
  2. Personally, I think the black city looks better with less veins...veiny black Bbags look exactly as you described: black with a grayish overtone.

    I have a black 07 Part Time which I purchased from BalNY, and the leather is nice and thick, shiny and distressed but not gray. Compared to the other black part times available, it looked the best to me and the SA who helped me out (Daphne). She immediately said that the one I had was the prettiest, while the other two looked gray.

    All in all, I think it's a matter of preference. If you like the grayish overtone, it adds dimension to the black opposed to a matte black. If I were in your shoes, I would look for other black 07 cities before purchasing because you are already questioning the first bag you saw.

    Don't worry, there are plenty of black cities to go around! The color is repeated every season!
  3. Black city looks better with less veins and thick smooth leather. Veins do not smoothen out over time. My truffle's veins is still remarkable despit more than 6 months of wearing it.
  4. My 07 city has some veins on the surface, but I think it gives it character. It is much more veiny on the sides than it is on the front, which gives it individual appeal:yes: And the veiny part is actually much softer than the rest of it!
  5. i thought somebody said veins will eventually smooth out over time....??!!??

    now i'm confused...

    thx mimi, knn and poptartlr for the replies :smile:
  6. I'm going against the grain and say I like veins. Veins are part of natural leather so I really don't mind the fakes have plastic looking leather with no veins. One look at my veiny (well everything in moderation of course) B-bag and everyone knows I'm carrying the real thing :smile:

    But veins or no veins, it's really all your own preference. It just gives the bag a slightly different look to it that's all :smile:
  7. If you don't love it, don't buy it! It's easy as that. Especially being a black city, you know you will get one eventually because they are repeated :yes:
    And about the veins, I think it's very indiviual how the bag changes, depending on the leather, the user and maybe even the colour.

    Anyway, good luck!
  8. the one i saw at the store kinda looks like the leather in this pic....

    how do u ladies like it??? comments please....:love:
    wr leather.jpg
  9. e_pinpin The bag in your pic is tDF. Personally I don't like too much veins. But if the bag you are looking at is anything like the one in the pic, its going be gorgeous. Good luck with the decision.
  10. Its not veiny at all. Its beautiful.
  11. e pin pin... that 07 black is beautiful!!!..

    i know what you mean about being shiny... so was my 06.. but it's LESS shiny now since i've been using it everyday!
  12. i've been staring at ur 06 black forever now, eping!!!

    i don't know about the shine, but she's absolutely gorgeous!!!

    the leather looks really thick and smoochy!!!

    it's exactly how i like it....:heart:

    happy to know that the shine will go away after a while :yes:
  13. The shine goes away, but the veins usually don't.
  14. I reckon the worst combination is shiny and thin.

    If its shiny n matt then its alright.
  15. It actually looks pretty good to me :smile: