veins showing on face..

  1. hey tpfers!
    im having this problem where these purply veins are showing on my face, just on the side of my mouth and they are really beginning to bother me!
    i dont know when it started appearing but i never had them before
    what can i do to get rid of them?
    they are a purplish colour..
    and im asian with very pale skin : (
    any help would be appreciated!!!
  2. Can you go to the dermatologist? Maybe they can use lasers to diminish the veins.
  3. I got laser treatment. She just zapped the spots with the laser and the blood disspates . It was about 250.00 for the visit.
  4. Are they actually rogue veins, like varicose veins? Or are they those faintish, normal blue veins and your skin is just extremely translucent?
  5. I have a dark blue vein that runs from the side of my lip (think of a drop of blood on a vampire, only mine is blue!!) It always shows up when I'm exhausted! doesn't bother me though... I can laugh about it!
  6. I had that done too. But it took about four or five visits for me b/c I had some stubborn ones on my nose.
  7. The skin underneath my eyes is super thin, more thin than the usual person and you can see my veins there, but just a little bit of foundation covers it up for me. I use YSL touche eclat on most days though and it works just fine.
  8. hmmm... I lost a bunch of weight years ago and all of a sudden this big blue vein showed up on the side of my neck. I hated it. I gained weight and it dissapeared. Maybe it's from weight loss?
  9. hmm i havent thought about that, i dont think so, i am pretty thin but i do have a lot of baby fat i my face.. well atleast i hope its baby fat!! ahah im 18.. do people still have baby fat at 18im gonna try post a picture : )
  10. [​IMG]

    heres a picture of the veins its right at the side of my mouth.. i hate it : (

  11. hmm i have a vein just like yours, mine is blue purple, its noticeable but i just haven't done anything about it. kinda looks like a mascara run. i usually forget about it. but i feel OP's pain.
  12. I have those on the outer edges of my eyes. I hate it :s
  13. OMG... I have the veins just like yours too! I have lot and it's really dark purple. It make me feel like a sick person. My mom said because I stay up too late(till 3 or 4 in the morning). Do you stay up late a lot?
  14. OMGGGG yes i do!!!! almst every night actually every night~!! no wonder ive only got them this year!!! i use to sleep at 11-12 no:huh:O:huh:O that means they'll never go away on their own!!!

    do they fade over time if i sleep earlier??!?
  15. WAHHH!?! What veins??:confused1: