VEINS OR NO VEINS? And how do you tone them down?

  1. From what I've learned so far, bags are more desireable if they are less veiny. Is that true for you?

    If a bag is veiny, does that mean the leather is thinner?

    If you buy a bag that has a lot of veins, can you tone them down with leather conditioner?

    TIA! (again)
  2. I am completely in the minority here but I love the veins and the crinkly leather. Mostly, it's because I know that I'll see the bag through more changes in texture and appearance when it starts out that way- and I love the distressed look as for me it completes the "look". The veiny, crinkly ones lose their glaze with use and the leather smooths out and softens a lot. I think that people have had success with using Lubriderm, etc. to soften and smooth the leather.
    But as I said, I know I'm in the minority here:lol:
  3. I somewhat agree with you. Although I prefer the more matte/non-veiny look when I purchase my bbags, I do however like to see bbags go through their transitions. For instance you might receive a bag that is too veiny and too distressed but over time it does go away....and with constant use the bag just gets better and better....then at the end your left with the most gorgeous leather ever! :heart:
  4. I like the softer, more matte look, but veins definitely wouldn't prevent me from buying a bag I really loved. I used Lubriderm on my '06 Emerald courier, and it definitely made it softer and less veiny. I've heard that the Apple Guard conditioner can be used for that as well.
  5. I like the natural state of my bags. I don't care if the bags comes with veins or without. That's my preference. I know whatever bag comes to me is destined to be with me. Now if I don't like the color, that's another story. But I have veiny and nonveiny bags and I can't part with either. It gives the bag character.
  6. I prefer somewhere in between. I think a little distressing and veining gives the bags character and sets them apart from any ole leather bag. The black and white are exceptions. I prefer them to lean toward more matte and be thicker. The colors I a little variation. I choose color over leather unless the leather is really bad. The greige seemed to be one that had more color variation. I wanted one that was more beige and less gray. I love the one that I got. I chose the one that stood out and called my name. It had more beige and I love it.
  7. I don't mind the veins because if I buy a bag that's veiny, I get to watch it transform before my own eyes.
  8. I kind of like them in the middle. Mine is an 06, which is supposed to be a veinier year, but mine's quite smooth - there's different variations. I did put conditioner on it when i first got it, and with use, the front and back have gotten really smooshy and smooth, but the sides are still a bit veiny.
  9. I wouldn't use any products to make the veins go away because the veins go away naturally over time depending on how often you use and how rough you are with your bag. When I got my ink twiggy 4 months ago it was really shiny and veiny but now its super matte. I kinda wish that there was still a lil shine to it but I love it anyway! :love:
  10. veins or no veins, i dont mind... i've discovered the more i use my b-bags esp my cornflower blue twiggy the leather is getting more softer and smushy and the veins and shiness are disappearing... :wlae:
  11. I like them veiny at first, because, IMO, the veininess, will turn into "distressed leather" after a while. Now the shininess is another thing. I like them veiny, but not so shiny and the solution just happened on Tuesday. The 06 Emeralds have been, by and large, quite veiny and shiny. They had two to choose from when I went to NM and I chose the more evenly toned one with the most evenly veiny leather. I like veiny, but the front, back and sides must be equally veiny. So Tuesday I went grocery shopping before work and at checkout a huge rainstorm opened up. I was late already and really didn't have a choice, so I ran to my car and put the groceries in the boot as fast as I could. Emerald got *drenched*, so I wiped her off with paper towels in the car and just let her dry (NO HEAT). The result? Veiny, but not shiny on top where the rain soaked her, but shiny underneath.

    Next time we had a rain shower, I took Emerald and Ink out, let the rain wet them all over, brought them back inside and towelled them off, let dry and veiny, not shiny : )

    Love it!

    I wish you well,

  12. Thanks for all your replies! I'm feeling pretty good about the whole vein thing. Now on to getting my first B-bag!
  13. I think veins or no veins are fine!! as long as the bags are CLEAN.. =)

    some colours look nice with veins.. some don't... totally subjective i think!

  14. i TOTALLY agree with u here! i love the veiny crackly look! that's what makes a balenciaga a balenciaga! :love: another added + is that the fake ones don't have that... and ^^ said.. distincts the bbag from just any old leather bag... ALSO :wlae: it tends to bring out the more 'popping' colours like lilac and cornflower... no? :jammin:
  15. I like a bit of veins because I think it adds character. It makes the bag look interesting. I don't like when the veins are too rampant or pronounced but then again if it turns into distressed leather later on than that would be fantastic!

    I actually don't like the totally matted and smooth look of the older bags. I guess that is good for my bank account!