Veins on breasts

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  1. I noticed a couple of thin red veins going towards my nipples when I started to breastfeed. Now it's getting much worse! Has anyone had something similar? Maybe they are spider veins??? I swear I have the worst genes. Vericose and spider veins on legs, stretch marks absolutely everywhere!!!! I'm going to needs a lot of laser treatments when I'm done with reproducing!!!
  2. I had veins during pregnancy and after but they have since faded. I think mine were because I am small chested and then when the milk came in they tripled in size and they became more veiny. It's normal.
  3. ^^I also had a lot of veins that seemed to magically appear when I was bf'ing. Theyare stil lslightly there- but are barely visable. They really freaked me out too. I am also very small chested also- I don't know I that makes a different or not.
  4. Blue veins on breasts during pregnancy and nursing are 100% normal...and quite common. :smile: They do fade in the years after weaning, but for me, they never completely went away.
  5. Heehee. I'm pretty flat chested too. I don't really notice the blue veins. It's these tiny little red ones by the nipple that appeared.
  6. I am on the small side as well and I was a vieny mess in the first couple of months of breastfeeding with all 3 of my kids. They are gone now.
  7. ugh. i don't want to talk about boobs! lol
    mine were so cute and, not so much!
    i have veins, stretch name it!
  8. Mine disappeared after breastfeeding. :biggrin:
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    i didn't get any red ones that i recall...but i did have the long huge massive blue ones. looked like a road map on my least i couldn't get lost. LOL :biggrin:

    **and they are gone now, they disappeared for me pretty quickly after all the kiddos were weaned.
  10. Good to hear I'm not the only one with boob issues. Mine are still pretty teeny tiny! My body is definitely like a battlefield
  11. So I checked with my lactation consultant and of course the red streaks ate stretch marks!!!! Stretch marks have officially taken over my body :sad:.